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Region Outer Rim
Sector Minos Cluster
System Yridia system
Suns 1: Yridiae
Orbital Distance 1.2 AU
Diameter 4,000 km
Planetary class Moon
Atmosphere None
Gravity Light (0.17 Standard)
Surface water None
Climate -40 to 31ËšC
Primary terrain Barren, rocky
Length of Day 14 Standard Hours
Population None
Native species None
Official language None
Government None
Affiliation Clan Tarentum
Exports None
Import None

A cousin of the world Yridia III used to be, Magnus is a sterile, rocky moon, whose composition is very similar to Yridia III. It is thought to have been spawned from Yridia III during the time when α-Yridiae was forming during a time of constant impact from infalling material from the interstellar medium. The moon is not currently used for any purpose.

The moon was named in honor of the founder of House Tarentum, Magnus Kaerner.