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Assassin-class corvette.jpg
Production information
Class CEC Assassin-class corvette
Technical specifications
Length 139.25 meters
Width 58.95 meters
Height/depth 16.97 meters
Maximum speed (space) 20 mglt
Engine unit(s) Girodyne Ter58 high-output ion turbine engines (11, in trireme configuration)
Hyperdrive rating Class 2
Hyperdrive system CEC Subspace Hyperdrive System
Power plant Mason-Branger 7085 ionization reactor and regulator
Shielding Rated 500 SBD
Hull Rated 175 RU
  • Dual turbolaser turrets (10)
  • Warhead launcher (1)
  • Complement Starfighters (12)
    Crew 74
    Consumables 1 year
  • Corvette
  • System patrol
  • Rapid strike craft
  • Affiliation Rebel Squadrons
    Known crewmembers
  • 2LT Urick Pwar, Helmsman
  • Otar Ebs, Mechanic
  • Ruui, Engineer
  • Known commander(s) Captain Roshi Erim

    The Marauder is a Republic Shield CEC Assassin-class corvette that is currently assigned to the Greeop Defence Force.


    The Marauder was manufactured as a standard Corvette, however not long after it entered Imperial service the Marauder was captured by the forces of Retribution Fleet. It was assigned to the also reasonably new Sentinel Wing where it was modified and primarily served the RSSD Liberator as an escort ship.

    In the course of events the Marauder was tranfered to the R2F's Storm Wing where it was further modified to carry a squadron of twelve star fighters in its cargo bay. At maximum capacity the Marauder could carry a Gunboat, 4 Advanced TIEs and 7 TIE Interceptors. The recently created Slayer Squadron was assigned to the Marauder by Lt. Colonel Nichos Katran.

    In the early days of its service, the Marauder traveled to the outskirts of the Harnah system to rendezvous with the Star Destroyer Emancipator. Imperial Victory-class Star Destroyers had recently withdrawn from the area following a RS assault on Imperial supplies further in-system, led by the Star Destroyer Prometheus. (R2F 703)

    Later, the Marauder arrived at the rendezvous point for RS forces before heading out to the Desdemona Sector to investigate reports of missing warships. It was a part of the force led by the Star Destroyer Liberator. This group reinforced the Star Destroyer Prometheus’s forces at the rendezvous point, repulsing the Imperial invaders led by the Modified Frigate Pronota. (R2F 800)

    The Marauder also took part in an attempted withdrawal from the Havion system led by the Modified Frigate Angelfire in the wake of an Imperial ambush on the Strike Cruiser Hammer of Justice. The Angelfire and its support ships had powered down all but essential systems while a navigational course out of the system could be plotted, to minimize the risk of Imperial attention. However, Imperial forces led by the Star Destroyer Impeccable discovered the force, and led an attack against the Angelfire and its accompanying vessels. RS forces intercepted the attacking forces, devastating the Imperial attack force, however the corvette Survivor was heavily damaged by overwhelming Imperial fire. Imperial forces began moving to intercept the RS force, however RS forces returned to the Angelfire, which then moved with the Marauder to the hyperpoint marked by nav buoy B-18 and escaped from the Imperial attack. (R2F 903)

    After this withdrawal the Marauder was part of a RS task force led by the Star Destroyer Prometheus. The task force moved from the edge of the Havion system en route to Ostia VI when the Imperial Interdictor Snare wrenched the task force out of hyperspace, as part of an ambush by Imperial forces led by the Escort Carrier Swarm. It assisted the Prometheus in a clash against the Imperial attackers, quickly turning the ambush around on the Imperial forces. RS forces bombarded the Escort Carrier Swarm, the Interdictor Snare and the platforms 2A3 and 2A4, disabling the stations and heavily damaging the Imperial command ships. The Marauder then moved with the corvette Survivor to perform docking operations with the disabled platforms, while RS forces crushed the remaining Imperial resistance, destroying the Interdictor Snare and the Escort Carrier Swarm before they could limp from the combat zone. The Marauder docked with the platform 2A3 while the corvette Survivor docked with the platform 2A4. RS forces patrolled the area while both corvettes successfully captured the Imperial stations. The Marauder then helped co-ordinate security of the area while the captured outposts could be properly secured. (R2F 904)

    The vessel participated in the Battle of Blerthmore of 44:2:27 (VSG 101), and later became part of the small group of ships in the Greeop Defence Force left behind in the Greeop Sector to hold RS territories together while the Subterrel Strike Force waged war abroad.


    • Shields: Specially modified by the Slayer crew, it's shield rating has been upped to about 500 SBD.
    • Hull: 175 RU -- The hull plating was down graded because of the extra space needed for the Squadron.
    • Crew: There is a maximum of 74 crew members to fit the compliment of star fighters and cargo space on board.
    • Storage: Can contain 12 star fighters at maximum. Seperate cargo holds may contain an extra 5 to 7 meters of space.
    • Weaponry: The number of laser turrets has been increased by Slayer to 10. The Marauder's warhead magazine has been doubled giving the capacity to hold 20 missiles.

    Behind the scenes

    • The Marauder saw extensive use in R2F Tours 8 and 9

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