Marauder-class corvette

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Marauder-class corvette.jpg
Marauder-class corvette
Production Information
Designer Republic Sienar Systems
Manufacturer * Republic Sienar Systems
  • Corporate Sector Authority
Role * Corvette
  • System patrol
  • Law enforcement
  • Capital ship and space station combat (missile cruiser refit)
  • Technical Specifications
    Length195 meters
    Width132.5 meters
    Height 21.5 meters
    Cargo Capacity 300 metric tons
    Consumables 3 months
    Crew Compliment Standard:
  • Crew (129)
  • Gunners (48)
  • Minimum:

    • Skeleton (52)
    Troop Compliment Troops (80)
    Drive Systems
    Hyperdrive Rating Class 2
    Combat Systems
    Weapon Systems Standard armament:
    • Double turbolasers (8)
    • Tractor beam projectors (3)

    Missile cruiser variant:

    • Diamond-boron missile launchers (4)
    Shields Equipped

    Info obtained from the Wookiee. If someone has better stats, please fill them in along with a nice description.