Mario El Atlante

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Commander Mario El "Atlante", FireClaw 4, has served in the RS for many years.

Character information

  • RACE: Human.
  • WEIGHT: 55 kg (121 lb.)
  • LENGTH: 165 cm (5.4 ft).
  • HOME PLANET: Tatooine
  • SPECIALITY: Repairing X-Wings, Y-Wings, A-Wings, B-Wings and T-Wings, and any kind of droids.
  • I'm a telecommunications-specialist, and an Electronic Engineer because I had to study in the Imperial University.
  • FAMILY: Father was executed by Imperial hands at my home planet, my Mother and my unique sister are with a Imperial Flight Commander at a Start Destroyer whose location I still unknown.

The story of how I came to the Rebels

The history of my life is not as that of beings' majority in the Galaxy. It is the history of a human being that looks for constantly from their childhood, a mission that gave a sense to their existence. To find an explanation on the because and so that I had been born in this well-known planet as Tatooine. To understand which the purpose of all my experiences was already lived and those that I should live. Few beings meditate seriously on these things, they prefer to live subjected to the circumstances of their environment and not to become responsible for their own destination. Possibly this way to think was the cause of my solitary life, especially in my adolescent stage.

My life at home

My father designed and manufactured clothes and military accessories, standardize, caps, helmets, gloves, shoes and other for the pilots, they were Rebellious or members of the Empire. The war can end up being a very lucrative business and my father detects it and he took advantage of this opportunity before the other ones. He was a visionary man and of strong personality. My father's adventurous and visionary spirit was its best inheritance, but the cost of maintaining so good business it was quite high: to try to maintain the war sacrificing the life of hundred of beings. My father said that the final objective justifies the means to get it"; AGGHH! we agreed never on it. Good, to avoid unpleasant discussions with my father regarding this matter, I decided to take refuge among the abandoned remains of old ships and robots that I found and used to pick up in the surroundings of the Beggar's Canyon on Tatooine. Quickly I learned their basic mechanism of operation and to repair most of ships, equipments, robots and other electronic devices. Although I didn't have a good relationship with my father did I get him to send me to the Alderaan University before it was destroyed. My mother was a conservative woman, she could not imagine the Galaxy without the order and control of the Empire. There was the rumor that my mother attempted to become pilot of the TIE Academy of the Empire years ago, but in one of her trainings in Sirpar did she know and did she fall in love with my father. Both decided to escape from the empire and to form a family in an pacify and distant planet, outside of the reach of the war, but finally they didn't get it. My father had a prosper business until the pirates and smugglers arrived home planet and they began to control all the supplies, inputs and matter prevails indispensable so that my father's business was profitable. The costs of the materials were increased and many merchants broke. The tyranny of the pirates together with the high cost of life, toward imminent a violent revolution. In that same moment I was passing my vacations in the neighboring planet Delaya like guest in the house of some Alderaanians friends who were visiting some of their relatives at the same time that Alderaan was destroyed suddenly by the first Star Destroyer. Miraculously I had survived of the death. Therefore I had to return of my studies at the Alderaan University and I found a planet about to explode in war. Unfortunately my mother is in my only sister's pregnancy, Lizeth, and the homemade expenses increased more and more. To help with these expenses I mounted a small shop for the repair of all type of devices and electronic teams, which became a true Center of supply of transport, weapons, and communication teams for the imminent revolt against the pirates and bandits that oppressed the merchants in little time. Thanks to my technological studies I adapted an expert system in artificial intelligence to each ship, droid, robot and computer system that I repaired, in such a way that all were connected, allowing their users to send and to assist petitions of help in a near range to 10 kilometers and even to activate in a remote way a self-destruction system that it instructs the ships and robots so that they look for propulsion systems, and engine room of the enemy bases and then to explode near them. This technology unfolding was my condemnation. The pirates began to lose the control of the planet and hopelessly they requested help to the Empire. It had never participated in a war, not even in a street case or bar fight, but I was considered an extremely dangerous rebel. Our planet was razed by a Star Destroyer and many Imperial fighters, and my Technical Center was confiscated with all the tools and equipment. My father had been able to begin commercial relationships with one of the leaders of the smugglers and it elaborated a plan so that I escaped camouflaged as pirate inside a load transport ship. But among the members of the Empire there was somebody that possessed that legendary characteristic gift of the Jedi that made them sensitive to the Force, and that it facilitated them my capture. The leader pirate that collaborated in my escape intent didn't have fear in denouncing my father like the author of the plan to help me to escape and as the main traitor of the Empire in all Tatooine. My father was executed in front of all his relatives and friends...the leader pirate was also murdered! My mother was captured and was taken inside the Start Destroyer in spite of her pregnancy state. I could not have worse luck. When I was ready to die, a coming order apparently given by the high command of the Star Destroyer avoided my execution. The Flight Commander of the Star Destroyer knew my mother for years and in exchange for forgiving my life my mother had to marry him; Also I had to work for the Imperial forces all my life. I didn't have alternative. If it opposed me, my mother and sister would pay the consequences of my disobedience. Then my mother and sister moved away from Tatooine inside the Star Destroyer and I never saw them again. The pirates finally recovered the control of Tatooine.

Captured by the Empire

I passed some years like prisoner in Hoth and then I was taken to Byss by orders of the Emperor Palpatine. The Emperor wanted me to repair his damaged ships and to reprogram their R2 units so that they had a self-destruction system with remote detonation, similar to the work that I made in Tatooine. His knowledge about the Force allowed him to influence on me, in such a way that I could not refuse myself to his malicious desires. After carrying out this work, I was taken to Marn Gar III to study at the Imperial University. I graduated as Electronic Engineer and expert in Space Communications, and therefore I could enjoy certain freedom and trust inside the Imperial forces. However, the imperial instructors never taught me the technology used in the Death Star and much less something on the principles of the Force. These knowledges I could only acquire them through not authorized channels. Moved by my curiosity, I achieved that the Empire allowed me to escort some rebellious prisoners. Maybe they knew the things that in the Imperial University never told me. I had to escort to an old and drunkard man to the planet Turkana. This character dressed extravagant clothes, and he slept a little. I don't know reason, but the prisoner and I begin a pleasant friendship. The old man affirmed to have more than 2000 years of age, thanks to a special elixir that a Jedi master had taught him to prepare when he was young. He explained to me that the Force is everywhere, all time, giving samples from their presence to all the beings willing of heart to feel them and to follow them. The Force maintains the perfect cosmic balance between the creation and the destruction, between the order and the chaos, between the life and the death, among the well and the bad. Not even the Empire with all its power, is able to avoid the influence of the Force. The question that I made was: Why the Force allowed that the Empire got so much power?. My friend responded the Force was not the one responsible of giving such a power to the Empire; the beings that united to the Empire and the beings who secretly were helped it to consolidate its tyrannical domain, were the true ones responsible. But the Empire is destined to be defeated. As the Empire invades new planets, it also interrupts the natural evolutionary process of many civilizations and it breaks the cosmic balance. The Force sooner or later will compensate this imbalance, and the cosmic law of action and reaction will be completed again: "For every force, there is an opposite and equal reaction force". In some place of the Galaxy, the Force will be followed inevitably by beings able to feel it and they will have the value to face together to the evil forces of the Empire and to stop the Dark Side of the Force followers. Then my friend asked me a bottle of liquor to calm his thirst. The liquor was his famous " elixir " to have eternal life. It was a great deception for me! The admiration that I had him, got lost. He deceived me and he made fun of me! Amid his drunkenness, the old man murmured: "Frequently the Force is presented to the elected beings in mysterious and not very common ways."

My escape

Little before our arrival to Turkana, the old man made sick gravely and he made me promise him that I would bury him in his homeland. A well-known place as Atlantis, and according to his indications it was in the planet Maires. "But this is an ocean planet in the Hapes Cluster and there are not human inhabitants there", I restored in an angry manner. The death old man simply repeated: "Frequently the Force is presented to the elected beings in mysterious and not very common ways." And he gave me an Adegan Crystal. He said that the crystal had belonged to the legendary Jedi Knight Shoareb Culu, and that it would guide me until his deathbed. The high imperial command would never approve the last desire of an old prisoner and less than he was buried in his homeland. The only option was to escape with the prisoner, and to become a traitor of the Empire. Perhaps I was crazy but I felt that my destination was outside of the Empire and I took to my old friend inside a A-wing and we made a no-authorized hyperspace jump toward the planet Maires.

My arrival to Maires

When I arrived at the planet Maires, I took a lot of time in finding a landing place, and my old friend had already died; I was alone flying on the immense ocean. I don't know how, but suddenly I observed a small island that emerged slowly of the sea. I landed on it and then I buried the old man. The vegetation that I observed in the island, seemed to be moss of different colors and they expelled a fetid scent, as if was an old sepulcher with the discovered cadavers in a high state of rot. But I didn't observe dead vegetation or some rotten thing. I traveled several times the island looking for the origin of that scent, when the floor began to tremble and apparently the island began a rotation movement, as if the island was rotating on the A-Wing fell to the sea and it sunk immediately! (:0) OOOHHHH I didn't know what was happening. The island stopped to rotate and a gigantic head with flakes emerged of the sea. It had landed on the shell from some similar animal to the turtles but with dragon head. The animal looked at me fixedly as if it recognized me, and without opening his mouth he spoke to me with thunder voice: "Who are you to come to interrupt my dream of more than 3000 years?. It was frozen by my fear, and after several intents I responded: "Nobody, please excuse me." Their telepathic voice was listened again but now softer than before: "If you were nobody, you would not exist and the Force would not have brought you until me. Very few they know about my existence, not even the Mairans that inhabit this planet. Only some old Jedi Knights to who I allowed them to know me. I leave to the surface once every a thousand years and in different places, and for that reason it is very difficult to be without the help of the Force." While the strange turtle spoke to me I pressed the Adagan Crystal that the old man gave me, hidden among my clothes. But the strange turtle discovered me and she said: "What do you hide? Aah! it is an Ilum Crystal! Now I understand I eat up you found. Anything in the life happens by chance or by mere accident, everything makes part of a cosmic plan that the Force has for each alive being in the Universe, now you are one of the elects to follow the Force and to maintain the cosmic balance, but your ignorance makes you a vulnerable being. It has arrived the moment that you receive your first lessons about the Force". My only alternative of surviving in the immense ocean was to follow the teachings of the turtle dragon, so I counted him all my life. This strange teacher, taught me to control my aggressive impulses, to observe the environment attentively to discover its immediate past, to examine my dreams to extract useful information for my life, to reduce the fear, to avoid the immobility that this takes place, some of clairvoyance and the importance of persisting in my goals. After becoming trained these lessons, he said that it was already ready to prove these knowledge in critical situations of the real life. He asked me him to enter inside his shell so that we took a trip to the bottom of the sea. He took me to a very illuminated city inhabited by tentacled beings, the Mairans. "This landscape is extraordinary", I exclaimed. "Soon the Mairans will have a confrontation with the Vergills in this city, located on the land that more than 3000 years ago was known as Atlantis and that it was on the surface of the sea; Atlantis was the homeplace of a very old human civilization who knew of the secrets of the Force but they used them to their own self-destruction. You should avoid that the Mairans repeat the same history", said the old and wise turtle. In my mind I thought that with the help of the Force, the wickedness would be easily eliminated, but guessing my thoughts, the turtle told me: "Don't made a mistake. The wickedness is the result of the inappropriate use of the Force by ignorant minds. And as the ignorance is a first stage of all species and all being in their long evolutionary process, the wickedness won't be eradicated of the Universe. The Force planned the Universe in such a way that a double polarity will always exist in perfect balance. The beings that have learned well these things, always act in benefit of this perfect balance. Never forget it!!", and then he dove in the deep of the ocean and I never saw it again.

The Mairans had a strange musical language that I don't still understand. Fortunately I could establish a telepathic communication with one of its leaders. She was member of the Mairan consulate in the planet Hapes. She had known other humans previously, but most was Jedi masters who inhabited the Atlantis land, that it's sunk now. We travel together toward Hapes, in search of a possible cooperation treaty between Mairans and Vergills. I proposed to the members of the Consulate that "it was necessary to limit the economic revenues that the Vergills was getting thanks to their undersea ditanium mining operation on the planet Hapes in order to avoid a future confrontation, by means of some taxes imposed by exploitation and noisy works, and the destination of a part of the earnings for the disarmament of all Hapes system civilizations. If all of you unite, you can survive and to form a great empire, but if you combat to each other, you will finish the same as the old human civilization which inhabited your legendary land well-known as Atlantis: Dead!. Choose among a powerful and unified nation or several poor and destroyed nations". The idea was very welcomed by most of leaders and it was implemented as law. One year later a Calamari Cruiser belonging to the PBF passed near Hapes. The Major Jairo "El Duro" Pantoja convinced me to join to the rebellious forces where my knowledge and abilities would be more useful than in Hapes. After a moving farewell, my friends Mairans told me: "Good-bye Atlante, good-bye, thanks for all!. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!.

In this way I arrived to the Rebel Squadrons Academy.


~|¤|@|¤|~ Mst Cdt w/Honours X-Wing Academy
^|DCC|^ Dauntless Combat Citation (TOD 33%+) (2)
[{-PBFA403-] } PBF Activity Medal (Fireclaw 75%+)
[{-PBFMoA-]} PBF Medal of Activity
[PBF-Champion- ]
([<|=(V)=|>]) PBF 2.11 Medal of Victory
Excellence of Duty