Markus Jarnhann

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Major General Markus Jarnhann, Renegade 2, has served in the RS since Oct 12, 2005.

Markus Jarnhann is a former SpecNav Trooper from Lorrd. He decided to join the ABG after an incident with his former unit. He has now been in the ABG for almost a year and has taken to wearing an Imperial Stormtrooper Commando Phase II Omnipurpose Armor suit around almost everywhere he goes. He also seems to have a unusual tendency to blow things up and for shooting things. Though when it comes down to it Markus will help out a friend in need.

Markus recently took command of the Special Operations Wing in the ABG and has many plans in store for it. Infiltration and sabotage are the main things on Markus's mind. Markus also belongs to the Patriot Battle Fleet and also helps out in the ABG Academy.