Marque Coretree

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Member Profile
Marque Coretree
Career Information
Callsign Fearpiak
Full RS Name Marque "Fearpiak" Coretree
Rank First Lieutenant
Join April 8th, 2010
Current Status Active
Current Station ISD Redemption
Other Current Positions Red Dragon Squadron 2
Personal Information (fictional)
Homeworld Corellia
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 17
Hair color Black as Night, Medium/Long
Eye color Blue/Grey
Personal Information (Real Life)
Gender Male
Location Nijmegen, Netherlands
Age 17

A member of the Rebel Squadrons, currently serving as Red Dragon Squadron 2 in the VSG (former IBG and RgF).



Dear reader,

I'm going to tell how I joined the Rebel Squadrons. My name is Marque Coretree, and my call sign is Fearpiak. It's just a name that came up into me, like it was foretold that I was going to use this name, kinda a strange, but it was catchy and I used it on my errands for my parents. My parents were smugglers and that's not a good example for a young child, but it was a terrible era, the civil war was something that was hurting many people. They were always gone, on their "special" assignments. I was born on the planet of Corellia, completely in the middle of the universe, the Empire couldn't establish a huge influence on Corellia, so I was slipped past the horrors of the dead. My childhood was mainly based on playing simulator games, I have waited since I was three years old to finally fly a real starship. And the most beautiful thing that I have ever experienced was the first time I saw and heard the YT-1300 of my parents, the "Darkwood". The blistering sound of my fathers YT-1300 is simply entertaining. I could work on the YT-1300 all day long, and it was my home if my parents weren't on an "errand".

I also had some friends in Corellia, one of them was Craig Madine. He was a rebel's son, his uncle was a huge officer in the Rebel Alliance, I've heard he was after the battle of Hoth even General. When I was nine, he took me to a hidden hanger of the Rebellion. There were X-wings and Y-wings and even the newer A-wing and B-wing. He told me he gained an old Z-95 so, that was my first experience in a starfighter. When I was eleven, he left. His family wasn't save anymore, and left. When the battle of Endor was over I knew that the Imperials still wanted to regain control of the Republic. I always hated those filthy ISD's and now the Rebellion was flying them. After all, the Mon Calamari's ships are the greatest! They stood up against an SSD and an entire ISD fleet! Five days after the New Republic was formed, my parents went of to Kessel. Why would they go on errands again? The rebels had control the only work was from them besides the Hutts. But they were foolisher then I thought. The made a contract with the Black Sun Pirates, and they needed to work for them. After a while, the Black Sun went into trouble with the remaining Imperials that were under direct control from Corusant. So I saw trouble coming to us as well. Now that I just turned 15, I needed to search a job. Would I step in the smuggling world or cargo? Or just go to the academy? The rebels have great opportunities to work, especially now that they are hunting on the outer rim territories. I didn't know what to do.

But it was going to change fast after a mistake was made by the Black Sun. The Black Sun has formed a small fleet at Kessel and my parents were involved to. I was flying my Z-95 to Tattooine were my Uncle was setting up a shop for selling star fighters, cargo ships and multiple parts of them for modification. I contacted the space port and landed my craft into the shop. He bought a huge hanger and placed YT-1300's, YT-2000's and Y-wing's and a couple of small cargo ships in it. The Black Sun wanted to persuade my Uncle to use the shop as a cover for there operations, but I wouldn't let that happen. They took my parents ship and belongings, but they wouldn't get my Uncle! I jumped into a Y-wing and started the enigines. My Uncle modified the engine, instead of the usual engine he added two x-wing engines on top of the regular engines. I left the hangar and set power to engines to exit the orbit of Tatooine. I intercepted the raid ships, there were 3 Supafighters and 2 YT-1300's that approached Tattooine. I never had fought in real life, so now the hours of playing those simulation games were going to put to the test. A first fighter went over me, and the other two were splitting up in different directions. the two YT-1300's were still going into orbit. I locked on, didn't have any missiles on me, so I set my power to shields and put them in my front deflector. I know the weaknesses of the YT-1300, I had spend hours on working on one, even modified it with better guns and even a Ion cannon was fixed on top. I saw the rear vents in my screen, I locked were the hyperdrive was fixed and the main engine, if I cut those they wouldn't be able to land on there destination, and they needed to make an emergency landing. I was contacted by one of the ships. "Y-wing "Freedom" report your status over". I activated my laser systems. Lock, tone was beeping. The dazzling laser flash of the lasers were small victory dances in my eyes. A huge explosion was happening in front of me. Apparently the Supafighters were attacking me. Rear deflector full power M9! My Emnine as I call him, was making repairs. I was shot in the middle vent of the Y-wing. The other to Supa's hit the YT-1300 instead of me. One down, but I wasn't there yet. I should have brought a co-pilot, this was gonna be my end! The other craft could still hold an attack force in there cargo. I made an U-turn, and saw that the Supa's were attacking each other. The other two weren't real Black Sun Pirates, they were my parents. I felt relieved that there was still a family in my life."Bring her home son, you've made us proud!" I knew my parents still were fighting for the family, or else they were really drugged by money. The other YT-1300 jumped into hyperspace, now my parents were really in great danger.

After that day, I knew the Rebel Squadrons was my destiny. But it wasn't over just yet. I landed my Y-wing at my Uncle's shop. "Thanks Marque, you showed that we Coretree's have a real fighting spirit." My parents were punished by the Black Sun and surprisingly they made a deal. They would mine Broadband Spice from Kessel themselves, and smuggle it to some buyers in Nal Hutta, the biggest Hutt gang now Jabba died. This was almost a suicide mission. But they did it anyway. The only thing I heard from them was that a small Imperial strike force was intercepting them. I felt a horrible sting in my heart. I knew that they were into danger. how would I know this? I ain't a Jedi, I can't control the Force. They were shot in there hearts, for standing up against the Imperial law. They were outnumbered 1 to 100. It was the "Darkwood" aat contained 4 Stormtrooper battalion'sgainst the Imperial StrikeCruiser"Plague" th and 2 TIE-fighter squads. The "Darkwood" was found in total wreckage. It was crashed into the mining facility. The remains of it were picked up by my Uncle and me. Now he's trying to fix the thing, and I'm ready for some vengeance. If I ever see that StrikeCruiser. It will feel my wrath! But know, I need to learn more and experience how the pilot life is. I'm now convinced that I will spend the rest of my life as a starfighter pilot.

I now fly for Red Dragon squadron. After the Academy I was needed as a replacement, LCL Mieter and CMDR Ray were contacting me right away. I don't know what is going on between those two, but they are the family that I obtained. My Uncle is busy with his shop, so I found my destiny. I've send the parts of the "Darkwood" to the ISD Redemption and I work on it every day. The main flight controls are working again, but secondary controls are in total destruction. If I find the "Plague" I shall contact the High Command, to send Red Dragon squadron to intercept those filthy Imperials, and now that the Black Sun is corrupted and is under control of the Imperials, I know that I made the right decision. Rebel Squadrons, Proud Pilot, Proud Member and Proud defender of Peace.

1LT Marque"Fearpiak"Coretree

"Never surrender, even if you choose to, fight to the end, you'll die anyway"

The new beginning

As a new pilot in the Red Dragon squadron, I hope to succeed in upcoming achievements, I'll need work at playing Online but that shouldn't be a big deal. XWA is running on both of my computers, so I'm trying to get in the battle as soon as possible, so give me a shout if anything is happing, I'm always available for combat as long as the time is 9PM GMT+1.

I'm a writer that loves to write fictional stories and it is also a great opportunity for my to practice my writing skills for my English class. If there is anything that I can do, Mail direct to me! I'm always ready to help out, and I really want to do my part for the organisation.


Thanks for Yt1300 model darksaber from XWAupdate. I am photoshopping the Darkwood

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