Mathow Bizegar

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Matthew Brown
Biographical information
Homeworld Druckenwell
Date of birth 19:3:28
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 5 ft. 8 in.
Weight 154 lbs.
Hair color Blond
Eye colorBlue
Chronological and political information
Affiliation New Republic
Ranks Brigadier General

RS Academy Mission Building Training Departement CO,

RS TIE Mission Builder

Mathow "Brown" Bizegar is a pilot formerly stationed with Hydra Squadron on the ISD-II Prometheus, part of the Minos Investigation Group.


Mat's first contact with the RS was in 39:5 when his convoy inadvertently exited hyperspace in the midst of a battle between RS and Imperial forces. Mistaken for a New Republic combatant his Y-Wing was fired upon, damaged and taken aboard the X-Wing Academy frigate Blitzkrieg. The Blitzkrieg's commanding officer, Major Gabrich Varmer took a shine to him and pointed him in the direction of the X-Wing Academy Undergraduate Division. Thanks to the excellent tuition of Misko Markot, Mat graduated from the Academy with honours but, due to an oversight was not immediately posted to an active PBF squadron, instead he spent several months back on the Blitzkrieg flying with the volunteers of Operation Lanvarok as Lanvarok 8. As soon as command realised their error Mat was posted to Sabre Squadron, where he would eventually become XO.

After a successful stint with Sabre Mat took a transfer to Skull Squadron in what was then Retribution Fleet (R2F), a group who had "Using the Enemy's craft against them" as an informal motto (amongst others...), his stated reason being that he "didn't like the PBF's blue uniforms". Mat joined Skull during the R2F campiagn in the Cadrel Expanse along with two pilots who would become legends in the R2F, Dev Azzameen and Licah Fox. With the three pilot boost Skull came out top in the following mission and started a winning streak that would last for over a year and an entire Tour of Duty, the majority of those under Mat's proud command. For a short time whilst commanding Skull Mat also took on the role of Sentinel Wing CO, although this role (and the extra pay) was made defunct when the R2F was downgraded to a single wing in 42:10.

Soon after this, When Mat's homeworld of Druckenwell was liberated from Imperial control he obtained special permission to take an extended leave of absence to return home. His leave expired in 43:5 and Mat returned to the RS; after a short spell in Hydra Squadron he accepted an offer to take command of Wraith Squadron, which he did, successfully, until the TIE Fighter Division was merged with the X-Wing Division and he found himself back where he started in a blue uniform of the PBF.

Behind The Scenes

Mat is the Rebel Squadrons' Academy Mission Building Training Departement CO, one of the Rebel Squadrons' TIE Fighter mission builders, an Assistant Logistics Officer, an instructor in the PBF's TIE training squadron, Red Hand, a member of the PBF ITOD Squad and a member of Task Force Chisha in the RID.