Max Cal

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Member Profile
Max Cal
Career Information
Callsign MCal
A.K.A. Max, MCal, Cal
Rank Major General
Join July 20, 2003
Current Status Active
Current Station ISD Redemption
Current Command Positions Blue Squadron CO
Other Current Positions Red Dragon 7
Recruited by Bethan Leitbur
Personal Information (fictional)
Era(s) New Republic
Homeworld Sluis Van
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 27
Height 1.9 m
Weight 90 kg
Hair color Black
Eye color brown
Distinguishing features Tall and built
Personal Information (Real Life)
Name Phil
Gender Male
Location New Haven, CT
Age 25

Outdated information: Max is the RFCO; he was the PBF XO, PSG XO, LO, HO, and R2W CO for a long time. He can be found in the B&G, usually talking about how much homework he has.

Max is starting to look at what he can do as the new RFCO and is looking for ideas.



Born to semi-wealthy parents on Sluis Van, Max was interesting as a youth- to say the least. He was fine at academics, but he had some problems. Whenever he was around droids, they would either attack him or they would self-destruct. When it came to chemistry, Max was a whiz except for one incident that gave him his name. When he was cleaning up at a refinery, where Max had worked, he accidentally dropped a clod of dirt into a mix of a charcoal-like substance. When Max tried to burn the remnants of this mix, the mix turned into a gelatin-like substance that was very absorbant to heat. Max then thought what would happen if it would explode; the substance then turned very hot and expanded in size. Max quickly left the refinery, but the explosion that engulfed the refinery also gave Max a concussion that caused him to pass out. When he came to, he did not remember who he was or where he was at. Then, a voice resounded in his cell, "Maximus Calamitus, would you like to make more and bigger explosions?" Max, who decided to agree with the man, said, "Yes, I would." So with that, Max assumed the name Max Cal, for short, and went to blow more stuff up with the Imperial Navy. Max's mentor turned out to be one of the Emperor's Dark Jedi who was at Sluis Van and felt Max's Force calling. The Dark Jedi cultivated Max's understanding of the Dark Side and taught Max how to fly every craft that the Empire and the New Republic use. These operations ranged from simple dogfights to the piracy of very large capital ships. After his training, Max was commissioned as a lieutenant in the Imperial Starfighter Corps.

Three years after his graduation, Max, now a captain, was in charge of a squadron of TIE Defenders that were on routine patrol. All of a sudden, a couple of unexpected freighters dropped out of hyperspace and requested clearance. The squadron was ordered to inspect the freighters. Upon approach, the TIEs were shot at; Max ordered the Defenders to use ion cannons and disable the freighters. One of the freighters was a passenger liner that was disabled by Max himself. After the passengers and crew died from lack of life support, it was discovered that two of the passengers onboard shared genetic structures with Max- Max had killed his own parents! Deeply horrified at the action he had just done, Max requested a leave of absence to find out about his origins, which had been lost with the concussion. Instead, he was arrested for treason and was shipped to Imperial Intelligence for a torture he would never forget.

Max and his TIE Defender were confiscated by Imperial Intelligence. Max was tortured and then escaped the confines of his cell due to a beckon call that he had implanted into his skin. During his departure, he downloaded his files from the Imperial Intelligence Network and discovered that he was of Jedi lineage, that his name had been permanently erased, and that his parents were very significant in the New Republic hierarchy. With this in mind, he fled to the New Republic and begged for asylum. The Trident, a Mon Cal cruiser, accepted his request. After a debriefing, he had to attend flight school and graduated with top honors; however, no one wanted him. That was the case until he was at one of Mon Calamari's numerous tapcafs and saw a fellow RS pilot with the rank of major general and a starfighter squadron patch. It was here that he met MGN Bethan Leitbur, who convinced him to join Wraith Squadron.

After graduating from the Jedi Academy as a Jedi Knight, Max returned to active duty in the starfighter corps. Eventually, as time slowly progressed, Max came to be the Commanding Officer of the Retribution Wing and is currently endeavoring to bring her back to her former glory.

(Note: Biography copypasted, no alterations made.)

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