Medals Office

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The Medals Office is tasked with monitoring the RS Medals system and, even more importantly, with awarding medals to RS members who have done something noteworthy. The Medals Officer is responsible for approving nominations but is also encouraged to seek out deserving RS members and directly award medals to them for their achievements.

In addition to the Medals Officer, the Fleet Commander, RSXO or High Command may award medals.

Current Projects

  • Phase One A: Creating images for all the RS-Wide medals. (Completed by MGN Mike Bullian)
  • Phase One B: Updating the Medals Database to fit the new, reorganized club system. (Completed)
  • Phase Two: Checking older RS-Wide medal images, and redrawing them if necessary. (Completed by MGN Mike Bullian)
  • Phase Three: Creating images for the rest of the active medals. (Completed by MGN Mike Bullian)
  • Phase Four: Creating a Display Case for the medals themselves. (Completed by ADM Joshua Hawkins)
  • Phase X: Creating images for retired medals (not a priority task). Assigned member: MGN Mike Bullian