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KDY EF76-B Nebulon-class escort frigate
Production information
Class EF76-B Nebulon-class escort frigate
Technical specifications
Length 300 meters
Width 72 meters
Height/depth 166 meters
Maximum acceleration 1200 g
Maximum speed (space) 12 mglt
Maximum speed (atmosphere) 800 km/h
Engine unit(s) Kuat Galaxy-15 ion engines (7)
Hyperdrive rating

  • Class 2
  • Backup Class 12
Shielding 2,560 SBD
Hull 1520 RU

  • Taim & Bak XI7 turbolasers (12)
  • Borstel RH8 laser cannons (12)
  • Phylon Q7 tractor beam projectors (2)

  • Starfighters (24)
  • Several Grek-class troop shuttles
  • Several Katarn-class boarding shuttles

  • Crew (920)
    • Officers (77)
    • Enlisted (773)
    • Gunners (66)
Minimum crew 307
Passengers 75 troops
Cargo capacity 6,000 metric tons
Consumables 2 years

  • Frigate
Earliest sighting PBF 302
Present for battles/events

  • PBF 302
Affiliation Galactic Empire

Imperial vessel. Part of the Imperial task force led by the Star Destroyer Darkstar.


Part of Imperial forces led by the Star Destroyer Dauntless in a raid on the Baaldan outpost. The vessel entered the combat zone from the opposite end of the outpost to the Dauntless, in an attempt to prevent any evacuation forces from escaping. The transport groups Omicron, Upsilon, and Sigma launched and began their runs to the Baaldan outpost to attempt capture operations, however Republic Shield defences engaged them, preventing the transports from boarding the outpost. After transport groups Omicron, Upsilon, and Sigma failed in their missions, the evacuation shuttle Lambda launched from the outpost, and began a run from the combat zone. Imperial forces attempted to intercept the shuttle; however Republic Shield forces engaged the Imperial interdiction forces, enabling the shuttle to withdraw from the combat zone. The vessel presumably participated in the storming, capture, and razing of the Baaldan outpost after Republic Shield forces withdrew from the combat zone unscathed. (PBF302)


Behind the Scenes

This ship is borrowed from Official Continuity. No information is known about the vessel’s exploits up until its participation in the campaign against Republic Shield forces.

Former Task Force Assignments

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