Mestra system

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The Mestra system, in the Minos Cluster, once held planetary bodies, although all of them have been destroyed. In their wake stretches one of the galaxy's largest asteroid fields. It has been estimated that over 100 trillion pieces of rock exist in the field, with many of them being large enough to rival small moons.

The Mestra system has been mined for the abundant durelium ore found in the asteroids. The system is owned and controlled by the Minos-Mestra Corporation, although dozens of small mining corporations also mine the area. The asteroids are mined for their wealth of usable ores and minerals.

The asteroid belt circles the system every 611 local days, as measured from the asteroid Javis-12. The average "day" in the system lasts about 45 standard hours, which is the median rotational period of the largest asteroids. There are a large number of rumors and legends which describe ancient troves of weapons, treasures, and artifacts that are hidden within the asteroids, although no one has yet brought forth physical proof.