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RS Resources

I am currently going through RS fleet wide info I try and find out what the RS currently has in way of resources - Resources

Tour Updates

I am slowly working through the PBF tour's and updating their wiki pages

RS Timeline

I'm starting to put together a RS timeline, so I can understand the fictional history better :)

RS Timeline

44:9:1 - current date [1]

44:5:21 - Minos Investigation Groupreturns from mission and merges with the Greeop Defence Force[2]

44:4:8 - Actions by the Subterrel Strike Force, the Minos Investigation Group and the Greeop Defence Force[3]

44:3:24 - New Republic Force Defeated at Obroa-skai [4]

44:3:13 - Formation and deployment of the Subterrel Strike Force. [5]

44:2:31 - Memorial service held for the fallen at the Battle of Blerthmore [6]

44:2:27 - Battle of Blerthmore [7]

44:1:? - Formation and deployment of the Minos Investigation Group[8]