Mia StormChaser

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Mia StormChaser.jpg
Commander Mia StormChaser
Biographical information
Homeworld Dantoonine
Date of birth 27:9:12 (8 BBY)
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 5"6
Weight 100lb
Hair color Black
Eye colorGreen
Distinguishing features Pale
Chronological and political information



Commander Mia StormChaser, is Dagger Squadron's Executive Officer and has served in the RS since July 9, 2011.


Mia StormChaser is a recent pilot recruit to the Rebel Squadrons and is a attractive 17 year old woman from Dantoonine in the Outer Rim Territories. Mia has a pale complexion and long black hair, but her slight build belies a surprising amount of stamina coupled with a determined personality. She is currently an Officer in the RS, on active duty with Dagger Squadron.

Recently, Mia was assigned to the Vigilance Starfighter Group on board the ISD II Redemption and took part in her first combat missions on assignment with her new unit. During an early mission, she was injured and her life saved by her assigned R4 droid, Warhog. She currently pilots the X-Wing, WildCard Two.

Career History

Promotion Record[1]

Squadron Service Record[2]

Command Record[3]


Medals awarded to Mia StormChaser, can be found here: [4]

Tours of Duty

X-Wing Alliance

Hammerfall - XWA [5]

RS Tour 4 (XWA Mixed Tour) [6]

RS Tour 3 (XWA Retro Tour) [7]

X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter

RS Tour 3 (XvT Retro Tour): [8]

RS Tour 4 (BoP): Return to Subterrel: [9]


PSG Tour A1 (XW) [10]

RSXW1 Back at em [11]

RSXW2 Recovery [12]

TIE Fighter

PSG Tour A1 (TIE)[13]

RS TIE Retro Tour [14]

Empire at War

Hammerfall (EaW) [15]

RID Tour 3 (EaW Retro Tour)[16]

Mission Log:

Mia StormChaser's completed ITOD missions and overall performance statistics can be viewed here:

Mission Database

Background History

Mia's father, Lance StormChaser, was a farmer who despite working hard to turn a small profit from his holdings, died suddenly four years ago when Mia was just 13. Leaving behind him Mia's mother, Kiki StormChaser, and Mia's older brother, Rath.

Without Lance, the family fortunes looked very grim. The farm was despite the best efforts of Mia's father, heavily in debt. Despite this, Kiki, Rath and to a lesser extant, Mia worked hard to keep their family home and lands.

Rath as soon as he was able, took over the running of the farm, and to the joy of her mother has become very proficient in it's upkeep, and is a well liked and honourable member of their small community. Rath however is a serious young man, the responsibilities that he has taken on his shoulders, and often argued with Mia about her lack of commitment to helping out on the farm.

Kiki has also made a success of herself since her husband died. With Rath looking after the daily running of the farm, she has learned about the best methods of production and upkeep of a range of local medicinal plants native to Dantooine. Recently, Kiki has even managed to befriend one of the last of the Dantari, who showed her many new skills in herb lore. With this experience, Kiki now has a thriving side business selling her plants in the local markets, and has helped considerably to boost the family profits.

Mia reacted to her father's death badly however, and despite knowing that her family loved her, she often rebelled as she grew into womanhood, by staying out late and drinking to excess. Finally despite her family’s pleas that she changed her lifestyle and settle down, Mia was arrested for use of and possession of Death Sticks and served a short time in the local jail before her brother was able to negotiate her release by spending what small amounts of credits the family had by then amassed.

Whilst her brush with the authorities shocked Mia into the realisation that she needed to face her demons head on, she knew that a quite farmers' life on Dantooine would never be for her. Saying goodbye to her family, she was able to leave her homeworld on a Tramp Freighter ironically called the Lumpy Bantha by her Captain, Needro Andida who had visited to trade on the planet.

Working at first by doing any jobs that needed doing on the Lumpy Bantha for her passage, she soon impressed Captain Andida and was given more responsibilities during their voyages in the Outer Rim. In the six months since she left home, Mia has become proficient in Starship Piloting and handy with a blaster pistol when Needro's often shady deals went wrong.

Still, something inside Mia still knew that the itinerant life of a Tramp Freighter trader was not for her. She realised that her life needed more structure, a purpose worth fighting for outside of her own single-minded concerns. When the opportunity to join the Rebel Squadrons arrived, Mia knew this was the challenge she required, and not without sadness, said farewell to Captain Andida and the Lumpy Bantha.

Recently, Mia was shocked to learn that members of her mother's extended family, the Kassel's, who had been pro-Imperial on her home planet had been killed, and fleeing Dantoonine, her cousins, Varik and Joran had joined the service of the Emperor's Hammer, with the older cousin, Varik Kassel recently being enlisted as a TIE Fighter pilot.