Michael Raven

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Michael Raven
Biographical information
Homeworld Lorrd
Date of birth TBD
Physical description
Species Human, Lorrdian
Gender Male
Height 1.8542 meters
Weight 79.3787 kilograms
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye colorNaturally blue
Distinguishing features Multi-colored eyes.
Chronological and political information
Era(s) Post-Thrawn Rebel Squadrons
Affiliation New Republic
Ranks General (Fictionally), Fleet Admiral
Titles Rebel Squadrons Logistics Officer

Fleet Admiral Michael Raven is the current Allegiance Battle Group Commanding Officer and has served in the RS since Aug 15, 2002. He currently holds active positions in the Logistics Office and ABG. He is a two-time former Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander (RSFC).

Character and Background

Non-fictional RS Service

Raven has been a member of the RS since around August, 2002. He first joined under the advice of long time friend Davin Ingram Kabak; as they used to play a different Star Wars sim in old AOL chat rooms. For the first four years of his time here in the RS he remained in the ABG. After becoming ABG CO in 2006, he started to branch out to the other regions of the RS, first joining RID to play Empire at War, then the VSG after flying and beating the 'T' mission with a score of over 1,000,000. While this was going on, he encountered then-Logistics Officer Vaughan a few times in the B&G; with him asking about a bunch of technical questions that Raven was able answer. This quickly went from questions-in-passing to full fledged discussions on the universe; and eventually a very healthy working relationship between the.

He quickly started getting more involved in the RS, including running for FC once Spokes resigned and losing to Licah. Afterwards, he ran again when Licah resigned due to RL issues. When Dave was elected he offered the position of RSXO to me. Accepting, he and Dave became a rather effective duo; bringing the unified ITOD to the RS, and successfully running ORW III. While RSXO he continued to serve as ABG CO after it had reattained Fleet status, and continue to do so to this day.

He ran for FC after Dave's resignation, and successfully attained the position of Fleet Commander. After RL issues caused him to step down, he again took up the mantle about two years later, before resigning after getting the RS to a comfortable place. He continues to serve in the RS to this day.

Current Positions

Former Positions

  • Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander (July 31st, 2007 to April 1st, 2008)
  • Rebel Squadrons Executive Officer (October, 2006 to July 31st, 2007)
  • Allegiance Battle Group Wing Commanding Officer
  • Allegiance Battle Group Wing Executive Officer