Minos Investigation Group

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The Minos Investigation Group (MIG) was a task group led by Admiral Joshua Hawkins which was active in the Minos Cluster from 44:1 through to 44:5. The MIG was tasked with the investigation of pirate attacks on shipping through the Minos Cluster, and of looking into rumours that Imperial forces were providing the piratical forces with support. Through a series of battles, ambushes and intelligence work, the MIG discovered the pirate forces to be a front of the Imperial forces operating in the star cluster, which they eventually defeated. Triumphant, Admiral Hawkins led the MIG back to RS space proper, where it merged with the Greeop Defence Force on 44:5:21



The Head of the MIG was Admiral Joshua Hawkins. Other important figures in the task group included General Max Cal and Commander Eric Reagan, Hawkin's second- and third-in-command, respectively. Admiral Mike "MacMan" McEwen was also a prominent figure in the group, acting in an advisory role for much of the campaign in the Minos Cluster.


The MIG's mission in the Minos Cluster had been going for several months prior to the Battle of Blerthmore and the outbreak of the Subterrel Conflict. While the leadership of the MIG would have liked to bring the task group back to help the RS defend itself, it was prevented by the Imperial threat in the Cluster. The MIG ultimately triumphed, crushing the Imperial forces in the region, and the MIG returned to the Greeop Sector.