Mira Torwyn

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Mira Torwyn
Biographical information
Homeworld Lianna
Date of birth 18:5:16 (17 BBY)
Date of death 15 ABY
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 1.77 Meters
Weight 58.9 Kilograms
Hair color Brown
Eye colorBlue
Chronological and political information
Affiliation New Republic

Mira Torwyn was a commando assigned to the Zealot Special Operations Unit and later Allegiance Battle Group.


Mira Torwyn was born on Lianna, her father a Republic Navy officer and her mother a data analyst for one of the corporations on the planet, and was an only child. She grew up to be loyal to the Empire, but was inspired by her father's military service to pursue a career in the military as well. However, as a female, this would prove to be an exceptionally daunting task, but she had a rather unique edge. Her mother was a member of the Firebird Society, an all-female organization dedicated to the advancement and protection of females in the Empire's service from misogynist policies and superiors.

Mira's training was extremely difficult, as she joined the Imperial Army Academy right after the Empire's defeat at the Battle of Yavin, but she persevered through dedication and sheer force of will and was commissioned as an officer. Shortly afterwards, Mira was inducted into the Firebird Society by her mother. This connection allowed her to be assigned to a fairly significant, if quiet, posting with the 1st Tapani Assault Battlegroup. The reason being was that the battlegroup was under the command of Major General Tessala Corvae, a member of the Firebirds.

Mira was involved with General Corvae's efforts to quietly slip equipment from Imperial surplus stocks in the Tapani Sector, which was largely not a problem area for the Empire, to the Firebirds to conduct their activities. However, when the Empire was forced to withdraw from the Sector, Mira was requested by both the Firebirds and General Corvae to resign her commission and take a posting with House Melantha's House Guard. The reason was to maintain ties with the pro-Imperial Tapani House, in hopes of later restoring the Sector to Imperial control, since it was the location of the strategically important Fondor shipyards. Mira complied, and served under one of Corvae's former officers, Major Shep Jion, who further reinforced the values of honor and commitment to duty. However, as much as Mira respected Major Jion, she came to despise High Lord Bal Jaset, the ruler of House Melantha. High Lord Jaset was arrogant and a womanizer, and embodied much of what she hated about the Empire's leadership. Unable to bring herself to serve such a disgusting man, Mira left House Melantha and returned to Lianna by 8 ABY.

For a brief period, Mira fell into civilian life, taking a position with Sienar Fleet Systems as a military adviser, and even learned to fly TIE-series craft and some of the company's transports, including the Lambda Shuttle, but it was not to last. Despite her Firebird connections, Mira was forcibly drafted back into the Imperial Army two years later, when the Reborn Emperor launched his campaign. Despite being a Major when she retired, Mira was demoted "for desertion of duty" to Lieutenant, and as punishment, was assigned to serve on the command staff of Maximilian Veers, one of the Empire's greatest ground commanders and now a pariah among his peers for his service with Darth Vader.

For Mira, this was an opportunity of a lifetime, as she respected Veers a great deal, but they both knew it was a death sentence. Still, she took the time to learn from him in the brief time they were serving together before an inept dark side Executor, Sedriss QL, sent Veers and his unit on a suicide mission during the Battle of Balmorra. Mira and a handful of soldiers survived the battle, but barely. Disgusted that this was how the Empire rewarded it's heroes, Mira convinced the survivors to leave without her, and then proceeded to swap uniforms with a dead Republic soldier and deserted. She went straight to the first Republic unit she could find and surrendered to them, requesting to defect.

Mira was treated with suspicion, but eventually, she was cleared for service and was sent to the Greeop Sector in 12 ABY. However, her transfer documents were altered just enough to make sure she ended up with Aurora Force on the eve of their mass defection, in hopes of gaining her service. This proved to be a mistake for those who thought up this idea, because Mira had absolutely no intention of returning to the Empire. Even the Firebird Society, who were pro-Imperial, sympathized with her reasons and chose not to break ties with her upon her defection. As a result, Mira quickly made her way back to loyal Rebel Squadron forces and was assigned as a commando with the Zealot Special Operations Unit.

However, she was delegated to secondary missions, many of which were either barely successful or outright failures. After failing to handle a Titan Battlegroup invasion of a mining outpost, Mira was demoted to Private and sent to Sentinel Company of the Allegiance Battle Group. This put her in service with some extremely eccentric individuals, including a seemingly emotionless team leader, an insane Verpine, a glory hound Force Sensitive, and many others who challenged her views of a military unit. She tried to bring about her decades of experience and knowledge to the team, either in vain or success, while also turning all of her knowledge on the Empire against Titan's forces.

But this was not to last, as Mira was left in a desperate situation. The team was sent to a military installation that was overrun with abominations known only as "Shadow Beasts", and as Sentinel attempted to flee the base, they were set upon by a large creature, easily twice the size of a rancor and far more deadly. With the team all but incapacitated, Mira was left with one option; sacrifice. Unwilling to abandon her teammates to be devoured, Mira rigged up a grenade to a rack of CM-9 concussion missiles, baited the creature near her, and then set off the explosive, killing herself and the creature to save her squad.

Her personal effects were returned to her family on Lianna, where she was honored by the Firebirds for her commitment to duty and sacrifice, regardless of her allegiance. The Republic, on the other hand, just counted her death as yet another statistic, and even her own squad quickly forgot her.


Mira holds commitment to duty and honor as key. Those who abandon their commitments, betray their oaths, or just generally are dishonorable are lesser in her eyes, and she has made it quite clear in the past that she will not serve commanders who are unwilling to hold themselves to the standards they hold their subordinates or claim to be protecting. She does make concessions for wartime considerations, but there is only so much before Mira can stop ignoring such actions.

Skills & Qualifications

Mira is actually quite well trained, between her Imperial Army service, Firebird training and her brief stint with House Melantha's House Guard. As a result, there are few ground combat situations she feels out of place in, and she has a wide range of combat skills at her disposal. This includes combat planning from light infantry to small-scale combined arms operations, covert infiltration skills, and VIP protection operational procedures. Her brief time with Sienar Fleet Systems has given her some basic skills as a pilot, but they are hardly refined or anything worth rating her as a dedicated pilot.

As technical skills go, she has standard field maintenance skills for personal weapons and armor, as well as combat first aid, but no real experience with computer slicing. Her demolitions knowledge is fairly standard, with familiarity in the use of explosives, but not in-depth enough to certify her for explosives disposal or demolition work.

With weapons, Mira has rated no lower than "Sharpshooter" on her qualifications for blaster rifles and pistols, indicating above-average marksmanship, and has a wide range of hand-to-hand skills learned from her various service histories. Interestingly, the Firebirds promote the use of vibroblade weapons, and Mira has demonstrated above average proficiency with them, but seems to favor blasters all the same.


  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Hair Style: Shoulder-Length
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Distinguishing Marks: None

Mission Load-out


  • Melee: Talon Vibrodagger & Assortment of Throwing Knives (if needed)
  • Backup: BlasTech Persuader Hold-out Blaster
  • Sidearm: BlasTech DL-18 Blaster Pistol
  • Primary: BlasTech A280 Heavy Blaster Rifle
  • Secondary: BlasTech P-11 Sniper Rifle, Merr-Sonn M300 Energy Shotgun