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The Missions Database is located at http://missions.rebelsquadrons.org/.

If you would like to contribute mission files to be included in the database, go to the Missions Database Submissions page where you can leave the relevant information regarding the mission there for the Admins to look over.



Mission group types:

  • Tour: A set of sequential missions that follow a specific storyline. Examples: X-Wing Tours 1-5, PBF Tours 1-7
  • Individual
    • Combat: A single mission, not part of a tour. Examples: X-Wing Historical Missions, ComTacs
    • Training: A mission where the primary purpose and design is to improve one or more specific skills. Examples: X-Wing Pilot Proving Ground, ComTac training missions. Likely, these will be incorporated into the X-Wing Academy course.

TIE Fighter

Mission group types:

  • Battle: See X-Wing "Tour"
  • Individual: See X-Wing

X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter

Includes Balance of Power.

Mission group types:

  • Campaign: See X-Wing "Tour" (SP/MP)
  • Individual
    • Combat
    • Melee
    • Training (SP/MP)

X-Wing Alliance

Mission Group Types:

  • Campaign (See Xwing "Tours")
  • Individual
    • Campaign style
    • Skirmish
    • Racing

Note: Unsure about ability to build racing style missions

Empire at War

Mission group types:

  • Ground Maps
  • Space Maps

Jedi Outcast

Jedi Academy


Battlefront II

Galactic Battlegrounds

Mission group types:

  • Multiplayer/Singleplayer
  • Individual
  • Campaign


Excerpt from Licah's email to High Command (7 February 2006?):

Missions system - Basically like the EH Battle Center, if you know that.
You can go and fly any mission from a massive collection, at any time, and
try to beat the top score.  Unlike the EHBC, I would have a full killboard
listing so that you can see everyone who has flown.  You can think of this
as an ITOD mission, with a killboard, except no squadrons, no deadline,
and narratives.. well, I'm not sure they really have a place here.  These
missions are like hopping into the simulator.  You can also rate missions,
   from 1-5 or 1-10 or whatever, so that eventually the best missions all
rise to the top and you can view the missions ordered by rating, so that
you make sure not to miss the best ones.  This is basically the meat and
bread of the EH, and I'm surprised we've never had anything like it.
Because if you get a large enough array of missions, it will take people
literally hundreds of hours to get through them all, and that's opposite
of the recurring RS problem of not having enough to do once you've flown a
monthly mission.  The missions?  The EH only uses EH-related missions, but
I propose allowing ALL custom missions made, that one can find on the
internet, and tying this in with the "Game information" database listed
above.  Again, this goes with comprehensiveness, and that also gives us a
huge database to begin with.  This whole thing really only helps the
flying fleets, but it can probably be adapted to any other SW computer
game that supports custom levels.  I've coded part of this system already,
at rs.org/xwing, but the ratings and killboards still need to be added.
It would be nice to have an initial batch of pilots going through and
submitting scores or ratings for each mission, just to check for bugs and
have an initial sampling, but that's not really necessary.  Oh, and what's
also really important is having someone to check all the pilot
files/screenshots submitted.  This is the tricky part, 'cause if this
takes off, there will be a ton of files to check.  But maybe that's a
problem that we don't have to worry about yet.  That officer (Tactical
Officer in the EH) should know, or be familiar with, all the missions
under his purview, and excellent knowledge of all the "cheating"
techniques, so that he can keep a careful watch out for invalid
Needed: IO staff to complete the missions system code; someone to organize
the custom missions database, and upload new ones (related to game
information project, too); a staff to oversee pilot submissions.

From the old "Simulator database" wiki page (20 October 2004):

The simulator database will be an area that any member of the Rebel Squadrons may fly any of the collection of missions available, competing on a scoreboard without a deadline, scores that may be challenged at any time in the future.

This is somewhat like the EH Battle Compendium, although it will be broader in scope and different in certain ways.

This has been planned for quite a long time, although it will complement the new structure changes being proposed quite nicely.