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Mykra was one of the earliest members of the Gold Squadron (original). Mykra quickly rose through the ranks in the early RS, being a productive member and capable leader within the first AOL only squadrons.

In late 1995, Mykra left AOL in favor of a local Internet ISP. It is likely that Mykra was the first RS member to reside primarily outside of the AOL realm during active membership. At the request of then VA Super, Rebel Squadrons Leader MATEO 15 commissioned Mykra to form an internet wing of the RS. In cromulant fashion, the Internet Wing eventually become Internet Fleet (later known as Liberation Fleet) under Mykra's command. However in mid-1996, real life distracted Mykra, forcing a resignation from the Internet Fleet FCO position and retirement from the RS. No word has been heard from Mykra since.