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Region Outer Rim
Sector Minos Cluster
System Yridia system
Suns 1: Yridiae
Moons None
Orbital Distance 4.0 AU
Diameter 6,000 km
Planetary class Moon
Atmosphere Type II
Gravity Light (0.45 Standard)
Surface water 60%
Primary terrain Ice formations, ocean
Length of Day 14 Standard Hours
Population None
Native species None
Immigrated species None
Official language None
Government None
Affiliation Clan Tarentum
Exports None
Import None

Naraj is an ocean moon, with a very thick ice sheet covering the planet. The moon’s close proximity to a giant like Yridia VII warms the core through gravitational tidal forces, allowing a liquid ocean beneath the ice sheet. The atmosphere is tenuous, but thick enough to allow humanoids to wander about with the aid of masks. Though the moon is well outside of the radiation belts of Yridia VII, inhabitants use an energy shield to block most of the harmful solar radiation that penetrates the thin atmosphere. Strong winds with blowing ice crystals plague the entire surface constantly. Though the atmosphere is thin, dust and ice storms still occur, mostly obliterating existing craters.