New Trassk Base

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XQ6 Space Platform.jpg
New Trassk Base
Production information
Class XQ6 Space Platform
Technical specifications
Length 936 meters
Width 1,001 meters
Height/depth 414 meters
Shielding 2560 SBD
Hull 1216 RU
Earliest sighting IBG 205
Present for battles/events
  • IBG 205
  • IBG 206
  • IBG 207
  • IBG 209
  • IBG 301
  • IBG 401
  • IBG 402
  • IBG 403
  • IBG 404
  • IBG 406
  • IBG 407
  • IBG 408
  • IBG 409
  • IBG 501
  • Affiliation Rebel Squadrons

    Republic Shield installation based near the red gas planet (#2) New Trassk.


    Attacked by Imperial forces led by the Victory Star Destroyer Decapitator. Republic Shield forces, led by the installation, defended the region, and Republic Shield reinforcements from the Strike Frigate Idiot's Array and Light Calamari Cruiser Kalinga were quick to arrive and join the defensive efforts. Beat back the Imperial attack, destroying the modified corvette Imp, the Dreadnaught Gore, the Victory Star Destroyer Decapitator and all accompanying Imperial forces. (IBG205)

    Received supplies from convoy, escorted by Republic Shield and independent security forces. Received medical supplies from modular conveyor group Sorceress, foodstuff from container transport group Hauler, and spare parts from cargo ferry group Wanderer. (IBG206)

    The Dreadnaught Resurrection left the station to destroy the Victory Star Destroyer Dark Menace, which was being restrained by the Interdictor Chains of Justice elsewhere. (IBG207)

    Launched Republic Shield reconnaissance forces that patrolled surrounding areas, including the outskirts of the New Trassk system, then on the sector border, which finally resulted in an Imperial ambush just outside the Osiris Sector. (IBG209)

    Protected the data transfer operation from the shuttle Tru'lak to the Calamari Cruiser Rebel Fist. Defended against an attack on the Tru’lak by Rolian Fanatics, and allowed to the transfer to be completed successfully. (IBG301)

    Featured in a simulation while the Republic Shield fleet was travelling en route from safely transferring Rolian refugees to a permanent residence. Featured under siege by Imperial attack force, and subsequently defended by Republic Shield forces reinforced by the Dreadnaught Resurrection. The simulated fate of the station varied from pilot to pilot, with the obvious desired outcome being the routing of the Imperial attack force and the preservation of the station. (IBG401)

    Staging point for Republic Shield fleet during rescue mission to reclaim captured convoy craft who had fallen under Imperial attack. Received the convoy craft when they were escorted safely to the station. (IBG402)

    Staging point for Republic Shield fleet during investigation operation searching for the point of origin of the Imperial Victory Star Destroyer Dominator, headed by the assault transport Nightwolf. (IBG403)

    Staging point for Republic Shield investigation of suspected Imperial mining facility Mine 12XFT-3, led by the Assault Frigate Chiin'tal. (IBG404)

    Staging area for Republic Shield reconnaissance mission, led by the Dreadnaught Resurrection. The mission was a success, with Imperial forces discovered in all surrounding sectors; however the Resurrection was lost in an Imperial ambush. (IBG406)

    Awaited reinforcements in preparation for the imminent Imperial attack by the Star Destroyer Belligerent’s forces. The Republic Shield task force led by the Assault Frigate Chiin’tal was en route when it stumbled upon an Imperial force led by the Modified Frigate Hypnotic. The skirmish proved ultimately to the base’s benefit, as Republic Shield forces destroyed the Lancer Frigate Neutraliser, drove off the Hypnotic, and captured the Escort Carrier Justifier and its cargo of assault gunboats. The Strike Cruiser Dragon's Fire then assumed command of the task force and led the main portion of the force to the station’s defence while the Chiin’tal oversaw the securing of the Justifier. Moments after the Dragon’s Fire arrived, the Imperial task force led by the Star Destroyer Belligerent arrived and launched an attack on Republic Shield forces in the area. Republic Shield forces clashed with the attacking Imperial forces, and succeeded in thinning out the Imperial starfighter cover. Republic Shield reinforcements led by the Modified Frigate Celestial Fury arrived to contribute to the system’s defences, in preparation for the primary assault that the Imperial forces were moments away from delivering. (IBG407)

    Target of a major Imperial attack force led by the Star Destroyer Belligerent. Republic Shield defences co-ordinated by the Calamari Cruiser Rebel Fist engaged the Imperial forces on many fronts, diffusing the attack force’s efforts and preventing them from destroying the base. After an extensive battle the Imperial attack line was broken, allowing the separated capital ships to be picked off easier. The destruction of the Belligerent heralded the defeat of the attack force, and the Imperial forces attempted to withdraw. The majority of the Imperial attack forces were destroyed, the only exception being the Victory Star Destroyer Dominator, which managed to escape with extensive damage. (IBG408)

    Staging area for Republic Shield forces who began a search for the damaged Victory Star Destroyer Dominator, which was the only surviving party in the ill-fated Star Destroyer Belligerent’s attack force annihilated in the battle upon the station. The search forces travelled through the Stone Digger Inc. territory in an asteroid field (#96) near a purple nebula, and then through a system with an old white star (#85), before finally discovering the Dominator and its repair craft, the Strike Cruiser Salamander, near a volcanic planet (#11). The Light Calamari Cruiser Madron led Republic Shield forces against the Imperial presence, destroying the Salamander and disabling the Dominator, allowing it to be captured by the assault transport group Storm. (IBG409)

    Attacked by Imperial forces. Protected by Republic Shield forces led by the Calamari Cruiser Rebel Fist. The Rebel Fist’s forces fought against the invading forces, aiding in their complete destruction, preventing them from destroying the station. (IBG501)


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