Nitram Lutha Hyperboulevard

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The Nitram Lutha Hyperboulevard is named after the infamous Defel anarchist and peace activist, Nitram Lutha. It is a heavily traveled regional trade route that services the Aurora, Greeop, and Kiaren Sectors. It crosses the Rimma Trade Route in the Corona system, thus linking it to the greater galactic trade routes. The Nitram Lutha Hyperboulevard is also notable as it is the only stable hyperlane through both the Aurora and Greeop Nebulae.

The origin point for the hyperlane is the Aurora system, while the end point is the remote Sotatop system in Wild Space, on the northern fringe of the galactic disc. The first world outside of New Republic Control galactic-east of the Greeop Sector is the Jadis system in the Clan-occupied Kiaren Sector.

Several minor routes branch off this hyperlane, including the Greeop Trail and Aurelium Way. The Greeop Trail is a strategic route linking the Baphomet system with the Greeop system, piercing the core of tricky Greeop Nebula to do so. Aurelium Way is a bypass leading to the former Corellian colony world of Aurelium.


It runs galactic-east from the Aurora system through most of the Greeop Sector, eventually reaching the Baphomet system. From there it angles galactic-spinwards towards the Corona system; it then runs galactic-antispinwards parallel to the sector border between the Greeop and Kola Sectors, eventually turning galactic-east again into the Kiaren Sector. Eventually it changes course, going galactic-north to the region of Wild Space which lay above the Kiaren Sector.

Along the route are several key ports, such as:

Strategic Value to the Imperial Remnant

This is the only stable route directly into the Greeop Sector from the Imperial-occupied Aurora Sector: the dense Aurora Cluster and the stellar anomalies of the Aurora Nebula which lie between the two sectors make Hyperspace travel difficult. This makes Imperial incursions into the New Republic-held Greeop Sector very difficult, as they either have to travel via the Nitram Lutha Hyperboulevard or travel quite a ways galactic-spinward or galactic-antispinward to go around the anomalies. Also, the anomalies surrounding the Greeop system make it impossible to assault the sector capital without using with the Greeop Trail, which links to the Nitram Lutha in the Bethlamore system, or the Rimma Trade Route.

Disadvantages of the Alternate Routes

To the galactic-antispinward the Imperials have to travel along several backwater trade routes to reach the Rimma in hostile space occupied by the Clans. To the galactic-spinward they have to travel through hostile New Republic space to either the Rimma Trade Route or one of it's regional analogs and travel rimward to the Corona system, where the Nitram Lutha Hyperboulevard crosses the Rimma anyways.

Once traveling along the Rimma to the Greeop Sector, there are four key New Republic defense points before the Greeop System: at the coreward border of the sector is the Corona system, while at the rimward border is the Bonro system; 1 parsec coreward of the Greeop system on the Rimma is the Tajir system, which contains the fortress world of Ged; 1.5 parsecs rimward of the Greeop system is the Taero system, another New Republic military stronghold. In all four key systems there are interdictors stationed which are capable of regulating traffic along the hyperlane, thus making Imperial attack attempts along the Rimma.

Alternatively, the Imperials could attempt to bypass all of the well-known stable hyperlanes and take advantage of temporary or unstable courses which are highly difficult to plot and aren't always favorable. Hence, the Nitram Lutha Hyperboulevard remains one of the most strategic hyperlanes in the region.