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Bar Admiral Noble was a key member of the reborn RS, and was Justice Fleet CO, as well as Liberation Fleet CO.

Noble was one of the core members of the original Gold Squadron in mid-to-late 1995. He was tremendously dedicated to the reborn RS during its very earliest stages. He was the first CO of Justice Fleet in 1996, one of the precursors of the PBF that was based on X-Wing. Following a successful term in this command, he was given command of Internet Fleet, which was renamed Liberation Fleet. He started and run various other groups within the RS throughout his career.

Patriot Battle Fleet and its Controversy

In eary 1997, at the instigation of the RS Roster Officer, Mike "MacMan" McEwen, Justice and Liberation Fleets merged to form the Patriot Battle Fleet. Noble became the first CO of the PBF. Because of his exceptional service in command positions, he was promoted to the rank of Bar Admiral, which is no longer in use by the RS.

Later in his career, Noble became less popular, especially due to his work as PBF CO, or lack thereof. He became preoccupied with a creation of his which he called the Genesis Corporation, and neglected his duties, similar to a modern-day Internet Officer neglecting to lead a Fleet that he was also commander of. The burden of leading the PBF in day-to-day activities was passed on to MacMan. Castor Efrata-Landis, then Academy CO and a PBF Wing XO, felt that Noble's place was behind the desk of GenCorp and not in front of the PBF, and called for his resignation among the five PBF wing leaders at the time. Noble retired promptly after this vote of no confidence from Castor, and left the RS entirely (see primary source below), never to return again.

This provides an interesting insight into High Command politics of early 1997 and also suggests that Noble's inadequacy as PBF CO was well-known at the time, although it is indicated that he was attempting to rectify the situation after being warned that it was a problem. One of his stated goals was to bring the PBF to Sector status, thereby also earning himself a promotion to Sector Admiral. While this was seized upon by his detractors as making his command of the PBF solely for personal gain, it should not be ignored that the personal gain could only come through also benefitting the fleet, instead of hindering it.

It is difficult to correctly interpret Noble's final few months in the Rebel Squadrons. While he admitted that he had been concentrating on GenCorp instead of the PBF, he had appeared to change his ways shortly before his resignation, and may perhaps have been miffed that he was not going to receive a second chance, when he felt that things had just turned for the better. Another reason for Noble's increasing unpopularity may have been a series of overt political maneuvers in the hopes that the retired SA Super would return to lead the RS again at that point. Of course, this was not meant to be. Because of this, however, feelings about his contributions to the RS are mixed. What cannot be argued, though, is the fact that he was a pivotal leader within the RS during its rebirth in 1995 and reconstruction and expansion in 1996.

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