Operations Office

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NOTICE: This page will be updated soon, to reflect the major changes in the role of the Operations Office.

The Operations Office is tasked with supervising the RS' presence in multiplayer competitions as well as keeping track of participation in said competitions.

Outer Rim War III

Outer Rim War III is up and running. Some teething problems that have come to light during the first two weeks of competition are being addressed, including reporting games directly on the ORW site, real time standings and tweaks to the ORW bot. Many thanks to Orv of the DJB and Fel of the GE for their work on the coding side.

  • TFA has joined the ORW3 and we are awaiting answers from TRA, RIS and DS.

NB: The Outer Rim War has now finished. Work has now started on a new Internal MP competition involving the VSG, RID and CD.

Primary New Project

  • The OO's new focus will be on a new MP competition for the RS members to participate in as a replacement for the overall disappointing ORW. This is envisioned to take the form of a map based campaign with group leaders moving units and troops around the galaxy, much like a massive version of the campaign mode in EAW. This idea is currently only in it's most primitive planning stage.

Other Possible Projects

  • For every major MP game we play, make a list of the clubs that also play that game (e.g. in WoWs and Ecliptical Realms), along with their characteristics, skills, and a contact person
  • Actually join as many clubs as possible to see how they work; make friends with as many people in other clubs as you can
  • Keep the calendar updated - it really only takes 10 minutes or less a week
  • Move ERC to the bottom of the main page, and make their link be from archive.org - the current site is down (well, they probably disbanded)