Order of Battle

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*Note: for a more up-to-date work in progress, please see OOB Work.


The Rebel Squadrons Order of Battle is an online database of the front line ships within the Rebel Squadrons Fleet, as recognized by the Fleet Commander and High Command. The Order of Battle is a comprehensive and organized listing of every official ship currently in the Rebel Squadrons' arsenal, along with specific information on the ship, every ship class, and the RS units that call that ship a home. This differs from the Logistics Office's Naval Register in that the Order of Battle covers only active Rebel Squadrons ships whereas the Naval Register covers ALL vessels encountered during the combat history of the Rebel Squadrons.

Greeop Defense Force

  • Flagship: Victory-class Star Destroyer Mark II Peril
  • Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser End of Days
  • Strike-class medium cruiser Apostate
  • Assassin-class corvette Marauder

Subterrel Strike Force

Minos Investigation Group