Outer Rim War

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The Outer Rim Wars (later known as ORW1 since we had a sequel, Outer Rim War II) was the first major multiplayer competition that the RS participated in after the conclusion of the Minos Conflict in 1998. It lasted about 35 weeks, spanning October 2000 to July 2001. ORW was a much larger competition than Minos, both in terms of the number of clubs invited and the number of games supported.

Participating Clubs

Games Supported

The ORW was fought out over the fictional Cadrel Expanse, with each couple of weeks representing the battle over one star system within that sector of space. ORW was an immensely difficult competition to put together, and required countless hours of fictional writing to come up with the back story, calculations, newsletter writing, and especially hours of moderating the IRC channel #outerrim to make sure that matches were conducted fairly. In the end, the RS emerged the victor of the competition, winning the majority of systems in the Cadrel Expanse.