Patriot Starfighter Group

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Patriot Battle Fleet
General Information
Founder(s) Dialathos
Leader ADM Tyrell "Spokes" Borran
Headquarters Blerthmore
Historical Information
Formed from
Founding March 1997
Reorganization July 2006
Dissolution 5 May 2011
Other Information
Assigned to Greeop Defence Force

The Patriot Starfighter Group (PSG) was the RS division with support for X-Wing and TIE Fighter. Formerly titled Patriot Battle Fleet (PBF), this unit was recently a task force of its own fighting a campaign in the Minos Cluster. Fictionally, the fleet has completed this campaign and returned to RS home space in the Greeop system where it has been subsumed by the GDF and is currently running a GDF campaign to cleanse the RS home territories of hostile presence.

The PSG is one of the oldest fleets in the Rebel Squadrons. It was created for the purpose of playing X-Wing. In July of 2006, Retribution Wing merged into the PBF, adding support for TIE Fighter. PBF also uses Yahoo Groups to communicate between squadmates.

November 2006, Wings were deemed optional as the RS is/was going through some restructuring and fictional changes. This was also to help balance the fleet out as there was no wing level activity, and the wings were not balanced enough.

A listing of all Custom missions made by the PBF can be found at the Mission Archive.

A breakdown of each Squadron's missions can be found here.

A detailed history of the PBF can be found here.





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