PBF 101

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PBF 101

Mission creator: Greedo96
Release date: 1 May 1998
Completion date: 31 May 1998

Top pilot: Juho Taskinen
Top squadron: Green Squadron

Best historical pilot:

Download: [1] [2]

Mission Description


Rebel Squadrons forces were performing reconnaissance sweeps of the Dar'telis system and came upon an Imperial invasion and bombardment of the planet Dar'telis I. The Star Destroyer Apocalypse led the Frigate Thorn, various support craft, and a full complement of starfighters in the assault. On top of this, a number of Imperial sympathizers within the planet's inhabitants, the Tyrannians, were aiding in the Imperial invasion of the planet by ferrying stormtroopers to the surface in the Corvette group Xingu along with various war matériel in the Freighter Ooloc'du.

Rebel Squadrons forces in a squadron of A-Wings performed scanning runs of the various vessels leaving and entering the vicinity of the planet in an attempt to determine who was working with the Imperials and who was attempting to escape. Shuttle group Vixnar and Transport group Paradent comprised four of the escaping Tyrannian vessels being pursued by Imperial forces. Imperial pursuants included the Shuttle group Fire Strike as well as the majority of the starfighter forces.

After determining the intentions of the various Tyrannian craft, RS forces engaged Imperial forces in order to disrupt the invasion enough to allow the refugees to make their escape.




Dar'telis I
Dar'telis system
Minos Cluster

Forces Present

Rebel Squadrons Forces - Minos Reconnaissance Force
A-Wing squadron - Green Squadron
Imperial Forces - Minos Assault Group
ISD Apocalypse
  • Starfighter complement
FRG Thorn
  • Starfighter complement
Support Craft:
Tyrannian Militants - Tyrannian Imperial Adherents
CRV group Xingu (2)
Support Craft:
Tyrannian Survivors - Tyrannian Home Defence Fleet
Support Craft:

Mission Outcome

  • Imperial Star Destroyer Apocalypse withdrew from the engagement shortly after Rebel Squadrons forces entered the area, leaving the Frigate Thorn to co-ordinate the remainder of the assault.
  • Frigate Thorn, after receiving command of the assault, held off Rebel Squadrons fighters and successfully gained control of the planet Dar'telis I.
  • CRV group Xingu, piloted by Tyrannian Militants, were engaged and destroyed by Rebel Squadrons fighters before making it to the planet.
  • Freighter Ooloc'du, piloted by Tyrannian Militants, was engaged and destroyed by Rebel Squadrons fighters before making it to the planet.
  • Shuttle group Vixnar and one of Transport group Paradent successfully made it out of Dar'telis I space with the aid of Rebel Squadrons fighter support. The remaining transport from group Paradent was disabled and captured by Imperial forces.
  • Imperial Shuttle group Fire Strike was engaged and destroyed by Rebel Squadrons fighters in defence of escaping Tyrannian refugees.
  • After all Tyrannian refugees escaped or were captured, Rebel Squadrons fighters withdrew from the area having provided as much assistance as they could feasibly provide.

Pilot Review

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