PBF 102

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PBF 102

Mission creator: DialaThos
Release date: 30 May 1998
Completion date: 30 June 1998

Top pilot: Dew
Top squadron: Green Squadron

Best historical pilot:

Download: [1] [2]

Mission Description


TIE Avengers flown by Shadow Squadron have escorted in three rescue craft to the planet of Dar'telis I under the guise of being Imperial work crews. The craft safely landed, extricated a number of suvivors from the surface, and with their T/A escort made their way back into orbit in an attempt to escape the system.

The RS reconnaissance force consisting of A-Wings from Green Squadron then entered the area to provide reinforcement support to defend the rescue craft.

The Star Destroyer Emissary and Frigate Scimitar, patrolling the space around the planet launched fighters to intercept and capture or destroy the escaping survivors.




Dar'telis I
Dar'telis system
Minos Cluster

Forces Present

Rebel Squadrons Forces - Minos Reconnaissance Force
A-Wing squadron - Green Squadron
TIE Avenger flight - Shadow Squadron
Support Craft:
Imperial Forces - Minos Assault Group
ISD Emissary
  • Starfighter complement
FRG Scimitar
  • Starfighter complement

Mission Outcome

  • Green and Shadow squadrons engage incoming Imperial fighters, forcing them to break off their attack on the escaping shuttle and transports.
  • Shuttle Redemption and Transports Sigma and Storm managed to make it safely to the hyperspace jump point and hypered out of the system.
  • Once the rescue craft were safely away, Green and Shadow squadrons broke off to make their own escape having completed their mission.

Pilot Review

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