PBF 112

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PBF 112

Mission creator: DialaThos
Release date: 30 May 1999
Completion date: 30 June 1999

Top pilot: Dew
Top squadron: Green Squadron

Best historical pilot:

Download: [1] [2]

Mission Description


Description in mission file, maybe some of the opening parts of the mission.




Yridia IX
Yridia system
Minos Cluster

Forces Present

Rebel Squadrons Forces - Minos Reconnaissance Force
CRS Windstorm
CRV group Peaceable (3)
Starfighter and support ship complement
Outer Yridian Colony (Yridia IX) - Yridia IX Defence Fleet
FRG Yridian Pride
Starfighter and support ship complement
Imperial Forces - Minos Assault Group
CRV group Ravage_(CRV) (3)
Starfighter and support ship complement

Mission Outcome

  • Description of what happens in mission, plot advancement.

Pilot Review

To be added.

PBF Tour 1

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