PBF Tour 1

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PBF Tour 1
Tour Logistics
Release date 1 May 1998
End date 30 June 1999
# of Missions 12
Platform X-Wing
Fictional Information
Timeline 41:3:23 - 41:6:13 (102 days)
Factions Involved
  • Rebel Squadrons
  • Galactic Empire
  • Tyrannian Militants
  • Tyrannian Survivors
  • Yridia IX
  • Yridia II
Task Forces Engaged

Rebel Squadrons:



Location Minos Cluster
  • Alliance established with Yridia IX
  • Republic Shield forward outpost established in the Yridia system
  • Imperial forces denied foothold in the Yridia system

Tour Storyline

Overall synopsis of what happened during the tour.


A listing of all the missions along with a short descriptor for each.

PBF 101
Date: 41:3:23
Location: Dar'telis I - Dar'telis system - Minos Cluster
Rebel Squadrons forces were running a reconnaissance mission in the Dar'telis system and encountered an Imperial assault on the planet Dar'telis I, lead by the ISD Apocalypse. Rebel Squadrons forces managed to escape with their data after scanning a number of Imperial craft.
PBF 102
Date: 41:3:23
Location: Dar'telis I - Dar'telis system - Minos Cluster
Once analysed, the successful reconnaissance of the planet Dar'Telis revealed that there were is a number of Tyrannian refugees from the recent of devastation caused by the Emperor's Hammer. Disguised as Imperial Work Crews, Rebel Squadrons forces successfully evacuated these survivors to safety.
PBF 103
Date: 41:3:23
Location: Dar'telis I - Dar'telis system - Minos Cluster
Waiting to rendezvous with the convoy craft carrying the carrying Tyrannian refugees, the RSSD Emancipator is attacked by Imperial Forces lead by the ISD Emissary before the RSS Aeneas arrives in system to provide full support. Despite being heavily damaged RSSD Emancipator survives and Rebel Squadrons fighters force the Imperial Forces to withdraw.
PBF 104
Date: 41:3:23
Location: Dar'telis I - Dar'telis system - Minos Cluster
While necessary repairs were in progress to the heavily damaged RSSD Emancipator, the Imperial Forces, lead by the CRV Tiosip , returned once more and attempted to destroy both the convoy assigned to repair the RSSD Emancipator. Despite a devastating attack by Imperial forces, reinforced again by the ISD Emissary, the repair crews were able to restore the Emancipator to operational status, which then helped to repulse the Imperial Forces.
PBF 105
Date: 41:3:34
Location: Dar'telis I - Dar'telis system - Minos Cluster
Seeking vengeance for the unprovoked Imperial attack on their planet Dar'Telis I, the Tyrannian Home Defence Fleet leads an attack on an Imperial outpost guarded by the ISD Death Strike. Aided by Rebel Squadron B-Wing forces, the Tyrannian FRG Nich'Tah spectacularly rams the outpost, destroying it completely. With Imperial forces now in full retreat, the combined Tyrannian and Rebel Squadron forces then go on to complete their victory by destroying the ISD Death Strike.
PBF 106
Date: 41:4:6
Location: Yridia IX - Yridia system - Minos Cluster
Bolstered with their successes in the Dar'Telis system, Rebel Squadron forces now wished to create a stronger foothold in the Minos cluster with the construction a possible new base in Yridia system. In an effort to convince the Yridians that Rebel Squadron forces can protect them against any Imperial reprisals, Sector Admiral Super successfully meets with representatives of the Yridia IX Defence Fleet to discuss terms. During the negotiations, their combined forces destroy an Imperial attack force lead by the CRV Group Raven.
PBF 107
Date: 41:4:20
Location: Itanna belt - Yridia system - Minos Cluster
Sector Admiral Super managed to open preliminary talks with the people of Yridia 9, and during the initial meeting discovered that the Yridia system lommite miners have sustained repeated pirate attacks. To aid their potential allies, Rebel Squadrons forces from the Minos Reconnaissance Force later successfully defeat a force of pirates in the Itanna asteroid belt.
PBF 108
Date: 41:4:34
Location: Yridia IX - Yridia system - Minos Cluster
After successfully coming to the aid of the lommite miners, ties with Yridia IX have continued to strengthen. Yridian factions now friendly with Rebel Squadrons provide timely information about the existence of Imperial surveillance stations in the Yridia system, defended by the Minos Assault Group. During a daring and successful attack by the Minos Reconnaissance Force, the stations and their complement of guard CRV's Saber, Reklimic, Pintea and destroyed.
PBF 109
Date: 41:5:19
Location: Lantare I - Lantare system - Minos Cluster
Republic Shield forces conduct a hit-and-fade attack on an Imperial convoy in the Lantare system. A small complement of fighters and support craft attack a supply convoy being escorted by the FRG Python and the CRV Agar. Republic Shield forces are pushed back, but only after inflicting sever damage to the convoy, destroying most ships, damaging the Python and destroying the Agar.
PBF 110
Date: 41:6:13
Location: Yridia IX - Yridia system - Minos Cluster
Negotiations between the Yridia IX colony and the Republic Shield are interrupted by incursions by both Yridia II forces and Imperial forces. The CRS Windstorm and FRG Salinger hold perimeter defence for the negotiation shuttles while fighter squads engage in forward defence screens against enemy forces. The ISD Blackheart sustains damage and withdraws from the engagement.
PBF 111
Date: 41:6:13
Location: Itanna belt - Yridia system - Minos Cluster
PBF 112
Date: 41:6:13
Location: Yridia IX - Yridia system - Minos Cluster
After successful negotiations with the Yridia IX forces, transports are brought in with supplies to set up a forward Republic Shield outpost. The CRS Windstorm and FRG Peaceable oversee the convoy and transfer of supplies. Imperial forces make a final attempt to stop the establishment of the outpost but are defended against and are destroyed.

Order of Battle

Rebel Squadrons

Minos Reconnaissance Force

In order of appearance:


New Republic Defence Fleet - New Republic

Tyrannian Home Defence Fleet - Tyrannian Survivors

Yridia IX Defence Fleet - Outer Yridian Colony (Yridia IX)

In order of appearance:


Minos Assault Group - Galactic Empire

In order of appearance:

Tyrannian Imperial Adherents - Tyrannian Militants

  • CR90 Corellian Corvette group Xingu (2 craft) (Destroyed PBF 101)