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Executor-class Star Dreadnought.jpg
Production information
Class Executor-class Star Dreadnaught
Technical specifications
Length 19 km
Maximum acceleration 1230 G
Maximum speed (space) 40 MGLT
Engine unit(s) Executor-50.x engine (13)
Hyperdrive rating
  • Class 2.0
  • Backup Class 10
  • Power output
  • Peak (reactor): >7,73 × 1026 W
  • Peak (shields): 3,8 × 1026 W
  • Shielding KDY shield generator domes (2) (local area-effect)
    Hull Titanium-reinforced alusteel
  • Turbolaser cannons (2,000, fire-linked in groups of 8)
  • Heavy turbolaser cannons (2,000, fire-linked in groups of 8)
  • Assault concussion missile tubes (250)
    • 30 missiles each
  • Heavy ion cannons (250)
  • Phylon Transport Q7 tractor beam projectors (40)
  • Point-defense laser cannons (500)
  • Complement
  • TIE series starfighters (144)
  • AT-ATs (30)
  • AT-STs (40)
  • Prefabricated garrison bases (2)
  • Various other assault and support craft (total of 200)
    • Y-85 Titan dropships
  • Crew
  • Crew (279,144)
  • Gunners (1,590)
  • Minimum crew 50,000
    Passengers 38,000 (troops)
    Cargo capacity
  • 250,000 metric tons
  • Supplies for 300,000 individuals
  • Consumables 6 years
    Role(s) Command ship
    Earliest sighting Blade 102
    Destroyed IBG 112
    Present for battles/events

    • IBG 002
    • IBG 111
    • IBG 112
    Affiliation Galactic Empire
    Known commander(s) Admiral Andor Turon

    Imperial vessel, commanded by Admiral Andor Turon. Head of an Imperial task force.


    Was present at the Imperial Golan III station Deserter near a white star with blue halo (#90) when a Republic Shield task force led by the Calamari Cruiser Rebel Fist arrived to assault the station. The vessel’s mere presence forced the attacking forces to cancel their assault and withdraw from the system. (Blade102)

    Stationed near the planet Tarla Minor when the shipyards came under attack by the Tarla Strike Force led by the Star Destroyer Redemption. Decided to flee rather than fight, and led its accompanying task force in a withdrawal from the system, allowing the planet Tarla Minor to be taken much easier than if the vessel had stayed behind to fight. (IBG111)

    Stationed with its defending support fleet at TIE Defender manufacturing facility near a purple planet (#52) orbiting a blue star (#89). The Tarla Strike Force, which had just laid waste to the Tarla Minor Shipyards arrived to do battle with Imperial forces, with the Interdictor Senate preventing Imperial forces from evading the onslaught. The battlefield chosen, the vessel was well protected, with defending forces forming into layers of defence through which the attack forces would have to do battle with before engaging the Super Star Destroyer directly. Through attrition, the support ships holding defensive perimeters around the vessel were destroyed, allowing the assault force to bombard the vessel directly. Destroyed by Republic Shield forces. (IBG112)


    Behind the Scenes

    This ship was originally named the Imperator, which is the name of a Star Destroyer in Official Continuity. Retroactively renamed by the Logistics Office. This ship has actually been swapped with the Super Star Destroyer Blade for the single appearance it made in Operation: Blade, as Operation: Blade is now acting as a lead-up to a major campaign against the Patriarch.

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