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Region Outer Rim
Sector Minos Cluster
System Pergitor system
Orbital Distance {{{distance}}}
Planetary class Volcanic
Atmosphere Type III
Length of Day 34 Standard Hours
Length of Year 412.25 Standard Days
Native species Humans, other
Official language Basic
Government Theocracy
Affiliation None

It was once a lush, tropical garden of a world, and it held a rich cache of rare and exotic minerals. The original settlers were employees of Jesa Corporation who came to Pergitor to mine the minerals. The planet's ruling class descended from Jesa Corporation's leadership. The mining operations continued to take material out of the planet's crust, until intense deep-bore mining by the Jesa Corporation resulted in a volcanic eruption which filled the atmosphere with ash for several years. The eruptions occurred about 100 years before the Battle of Yavin, and tons of toxic elements were expelled by the volcanoes.

These chemicals are now a permanent part of the atmosphere, and life on Pergitor has been nearly wiped out. The remaining natives must use gasmasks when traveling outside, and all buildings are built air-tight to keep the chemicals out.

Just before the start of the Clone Wars, the Church of Infinite Perception launched a counter-coup, installing a theocracy. Due to its nebulous affiliation with the Republic, the Republic could do nothing to stop the bloody revolt.