Petr Margul

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General, Former Crusader Fleet CO.

Viscount Petr R.D.G. Tagge Margul
Biographical information
Homeworld Chandrila
Date of birth 15:10:3 (28 years old)
Family Duke Toren Margul (Father), Imperial Colonel Stefan Tagge Margul (Brother), Justiciar Carilia Tagge (Mother), Renaud Tagge Margul (Brother), Malevia Tagge Margul (Sister)
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 1.94 metres
Weight 87.09 kilograms
Hair color Blond
Eye colorLight blue
Distinguishing features Has high, "Tarkenesque" cheekbones, a common genetic trait among Core World nobility.
Chronological and political information
Affiliation New Republic
Associations The Noble House of Margul, Margul Industries, Tk'la Smuggling Syndicate
Ranks General
Titles Assistant Training Officer, Phalcun Leader

Petr Reinhard Derilian Grant Tagge Margul, Viscount of Ival, Baron of Starma, was born at Margulholm, the family estates of House Margul, on 15:10:3. Since his first service with the Rebellion, however, Margul has generally dropped all mention of his full name and title, preferring to go simply by Petr Margul, or "PM", as he is known among his friends. Prior to his enrollment at the Imperial Academy at Caridia, Margul enjoyed an extensive private education from a small army of tutors. Along with his siblings, younger brothers Stefan and Renaud, and sister Malevia, Margul experienced one of the best educations credits could buy. Margul speaks around 8 languages with a native's proficiency, including: Basic, Bothese, Rodian and Huttese and maintains some level of proficiency in at least 12 or 13 others. He also underwent extensive training in Galactic Economics, Business Management, Politics, and Diplomacy. As a youth, Margul won several Core-wide pistol and lightfoil duelling competitions, a popular past-time among Core nobility.

At the age of 18, Margul enrolled at the Imperial Academy at Caridia, and was shortly placed into accelerated Naval Officer training. He managed to set several Academy records, notably in Holochess, lightfoil duelling, pistol marksmanship and gravball. It is rumored, however unconfirmed, that Margul was inducted into the secret Thraxian honory society of the Imperial Academy. Margul graduated the Academy as top in his class, and was immediately posted as Executive Officer on the Victory-Class Star Destroyer Triarii. The Triarii took part in the infamous bombardment of the Verpine homeworld, however, several days after the action, the commanding Captain was reported murdered, and shortly after the Triarii disappeared. It was rumored the Triarii spent several months shuttling between various repair and supply depots in control of Margul Industries, however, this is unconfirmed. After almost three months of absence, the Triarii, with almost a full complement of crew and Petr Margul as Captain, jumped directly in front of a Rebel task force, requesting asylum.

After almost half a year in interrogation, Margul was released with a full pardon for any crimes that he may have committed while serving as an Imperial officer. He immediately applied, and was accepted, into the Rebellion's Starfighter Corps despite no prior starfighter combat experience. Over the course of the Galactic Civil War, Margul served with distinction, including service with Green Group in the Battle of Endor. Following the victory at Endor, Margul continued to fly with Green Squadron, participating in the defense of Bakura from the alien Ssi-Ruuk. However, Margul remained a junior officer, perhaps due to his former Imperial affiliations. Desiring advancement, Margul transferred to the newly created Rebel Squadrons task force, where he was quickly awarded his first command position, as CO of Talgorn Squadron. Margul continued to serve in the Rebel Squadrons, eventually attaining the rank of General. However, some time early in 42GrS, Margul abruptly resigned his command and disappeared. It was rumored he had undertaken illicit munitions and other contraband smuggling, a rumor which was suddenly confirmed following his arrest by New Republic forces late in 43GrS. Transferred to the Rebel Squadrons for punishment, Margul was surprisingly offered a full amnesty for his past activities, granted he would return to active duty. Originally attached to the Training Office, Margul was recently again awarded a command position, becoming CO of Phalcun Squadron, posted with the IBG.

Behind the scenes

Petr Margul, or PMargul, or as he prefers to be called, PM, was the last commanding officer of Crusader Fleet. Like his predecessors, he began his RS career in Crusader Fleet because he played X-Wing on a Mac. He slowly rose up the ranks in Crusader, becoming XO of the fleet while Dave Trebonious-Astoris was CO. When the latter stepped down, PM became CO. He served as Crusader Fleet CO roughly between the end of 1997 and early 1998. He was required to face the reality of the times, however, and to recognize that Crusader was not in top shape. Mac players of X-Wing were a rarity and the fleet was fast losing membership. He came to the uncomfortable decision that Crusader Fleet should merge with the PBF. Crusader became a wing inside the PBF and its days as an independent fleet were numbered.

PM continued to remain active off and on in the RS after this event. He flew in Grey Squadron's Tour 5 between 2000 and 2002, and also flew extensively in the RgF, leading RS space forces to victory in the Outer Rim Wars. He was also known to appear in SWG from time to time with the RSPA.

Most recently, PM has returned to active duty in both flying fleets and the RF. He flies in the PBF, VSG, and is also a member of Righteous Indignation Division and the Commando Division. Ever a glutton for punishment, PM has also accepted a position in the Training Office, and is currently Administrator and Instructor in the OTS.


  • Perhaps the only RS pilot to ever defeat Lucas Benoit-Stark (Ironman) in a 1v1 match.
  • One of two pilots in the RS to ever place first overall in a BSC Week of War (along with Han Suul).
  • Founded and developed curriculum for the RS Top Ace Program.
  • Continues to maintain a strong rivalry with Ironman for title of best overall multi-player pilot.
  • Original commanding officer was Dave Trebonious-Astoris.
  • Known for his crude sense of humor, as well as his fondness for alcohol.
  • Good friend of Gavin Phalon
  • Often publicly states that Rahj Tharen is the finest officer in the Rebel Squadrons.


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