Phelan Kell

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Member Profile
Phelan Kell
Career Information
Callsign Vicendick
Full RS Name Phelan Kell
Rank Second Lieutenant
Join May 22nd, 2006
Current Status Reserve
Personal Information (fictional)
Homeworld Corellia
Species Corellian
Gender Male
Age 25
Personal Information (Real Life)
Location Fulton, NY
Age 36

A reserve member of the Rebel Squadrons.



Name: Phelan Kell
Gender: Male
Race: Corellian
Date of Birth: 09/01/1974
Place of Birth: Wayward, Corellia
Marital Status: Single
Family: Father: Logan Gaunt-Deceased Mother: Theresa Gaund-Deceased Sister: Deserae Gaunt-Wherabouts unknown
Social Status: Nobility

Quote: The stars once lived and died at our command and still you stand against us?

Significant Events of Childhood and Adolescence: Growing up I used to look at the stars and wonder just what it must be like up there. My family had owned and operated a large traiding company in Wayward. My father always insisted on taking the most dangerous jobs. Me? I was not sure if all his business partners were the kind of people you could trust, but as long as he was making money, I was happy. My sister and I had stayed home to run the office for my parents, as the left for the last trip of the year. My mother and father were making a delervery to a Republic Outpost just outside the Core World territories, Outpost 45B-09JJ. They never returned. The Imperials ambushed there convoy right out of hyperspace. Since then, I've vowed to destroy the Imperials wherever they may be. At 18 I joined the New Republic, along with my sister. Unfortunatly, my sister was recruted into the Intelligence Division. Before she dissappeared on me she sent me a halo message stating her commander had picked her for a very important mission, and that she would be gone for some time. That was two years ago, and I have not heard from her since.

Significant Events of Adulthood: Apart from the disapperance of my sister? I graduated in the middle of my class, became adept in the AW, and YW. Then I decided to take two years of advanced bookwork before fully commiting myself to piloting.

Alignment and Attitude: I am dead loyal to the New Republic.

Former Occupations: Only former occupation was the running of the family trading company for two years after my family's death.

Hobbies: I enjoy reading about tactics, and Republic History.

Tragedies: The death of my parents at the age of 17, and the dissapperence of my sister a few years later.

Reason for enlisting in the RS: To exact my revenge on the Empire.

Note: Biography copypasted, no alterations made.

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