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Industrial Complex.jpg
Production information
Class Industrial Complex
Technical specifications
Length 909 meters
Shielding 864 SBD
Hull 800 RU
Crew 1,143
Earliest sighting IBG 302
Destroyed IBG 304
Present for battles/events
  • IBG 302
  • IBG 303
  • IBG 304
  • Affiliation Rolian

    Rolian station.


    Rolian station, evacuated of personnel in preparation of the destruction of the doomed aqua planet (#12) orbiting a star about to go supernova (#11). (IBG302)

    Still in the process of evacuating personnel when Republic Shield forces escorted the first wave of evacuation craft from the Rolian system to a safer destination. (IBG303)

    Likely fully evacuated by Republic Shield forces before the star went nova. Destroyed when the Rolian system star went supernova. (IBG304)


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