Primary instructors


The Primary Instructors are responsible for welcoming new members to the RS, guiding those new members through the Beginner's Path and marking un-active new members AWOL.
Each Primary Instructor is CO of a squadron on the RSA new members section roster. The new members a Primary Instructor is responsible for are listed on the roster of the Primary Intructor's squadron.


Academy Command Staff:

New Members Section Command Staff:

Primary Instructors:



The primary instructors should meet the following requirements:

  • At least the rank of Captain.
  • Checks and can respond to email at least once every 24 hours
  • Friendly and patient when dealing with confused, lost cadets trying to understand our complex system
  • Willing to work with people from various fleets to solve game-specific questions

Benefits for the instructors fulfilling this duty include:

  • Consideration for promotion every two months (for Colonel and below), with strong recommendation for promotion if their duties have been fulfilled
  • Recognition in club-wide emails for their service
  • A chance to help out the RS in a unique way that deeply benefits the club itself

Primary Instructor on Duty

The support for this is located at:
The Primary Instructor's Coordinator assigns Primary Instructors to specified time periods. During the time period a Primary Instructor is "On Duty", new members that join the RS during that time period will:

  • Have the actual Primary Instructor on Duty listed as sender and contact person in the first automated welcome email.
  • Have the actual Primary Instructor on Duty be the person who will award the new member the LJG/2LT promotions that have been achieved through the Beginner's Path.


Primary Instructors

  • Email the new member as soon as you see that they have joined. Include a personalized message, especially if they have done anything in the Beginner's Path by the time you reach them (if so, congratulate them and let them know you can help them with the rest!). Give them all of your contact information that you're comfortable sharing, such as your AIM, MSN, IRC name, etc.
  • Be online as often as possible using IMs, so that new members get a chance to ask/chat in real-time.
  • Keep track of the overall activity status of the assigned new members.
  • Answer any questions that the new member has.
  • Respond to every email that the new member sends you, unless all it says is "Thanks for your help!"

Primary Instructors Coordinator

The RS Academy Commanding Officer has delegated this duty to the Executive Officer. The duties of the Primary Instructor's Coordinator are as follows:

  • Maintain the Primary Instructor on Duty schedule
  • Oversee the activity of the Primary Instructors
  • Appoint and dismiss instructors with the approval of the Academy Commanding Officer
  • Recommend instructors for promotion
  • Report to the Academy Commanding Officer