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Imperial II-class Star Destroyer.jpg
Production information
Class KDY Imperial II -class Star Destroyer
Technical specifications
Length 1,600 meters
Height/depth 448 meters
Maximum acceleration >2,300 g
Maximum speed (space) 60 mglt
Engine unit(s)
  • KDY Destroyer-I ion engine (3)
  • Cygnus Spaceworks Gemon-4 ion engine (4)
  • Hyperdrive rating
  • Class 1
  • Backup Class 8
  • Power plant SFS I-a2b Solar Ionization Reactor
    Shielding 5760 SBD
    Hull 2272 RU
    Targeting systems LeGrange targeting computers
  • Heavy Turbolaser Batteries (50)
  • Heavy Turbolaser Cannons (50)
  • Ion Cannons (20)
  • Tractor beam projectors (10)
  • Complement
  • Starfighters (72)
  • Lambda-class shuttles (8)
  • Delta-class stormtrooper transports (15)
  • Assault gunboats (5)
  • A variable number of Skipray Blastboats
  • Gamma-class assault shuttle (1+)
  • Repair and recovery vehicles
  • AT-AT barges
  • AT-AT walkers (20)
  • AT-ST walkers (30)
  • Various ground vehicles
  • Infantry (9,700)
  • Prefabricated garrison base (1)
  • Crew
  • Crew (37,085)
    • General Crew (36,755)
    • Gunners (330)
  • Minimum crew 5,000
    Passengers 1,800
    Cargo capacity 36,000 metric tons
    Consumables 6 years
    Other systems HoloNet Transceiver
  • Destroyer
  • Cruiser
  • Carrier
  • Battleship
  • Earliest sighting R2F 601
    Present for battles/events
  • R2F 601
  • R2F 604
  • R2F 606
  • R2F 607
  • R2F 608
  • R2F 701
  • R2F 702
  • R2F 703
  • R2F 704
  • R2F 705
  • R2F 707
  • R2F 708
  • R2F 709
  • R2F 800
  • R2F 801
  • R2F 802
  • R2F 803
  • R2F 804
  • R2F 805
  • R2F 806
  • R2F 808
  • R2F 809
  • R2F 901
  • R2F 904
  • R2F 905
  • Affiliation Rebel Squadrons
    Known crewmembers
  • Toran Kask, Helmsman
  • Corran Felds, Mechanic
  • Dominic Razloth, Engineer
  • Known commander(s) Captain Dor Vedik

    The Prometheus is a Republic Shield KDY Imperial II-class Star Destroyer that is currently assigned to the Greeop Defence Force.


    The Prometheus

    Stationed near the planet Tarsonis, in the Greeop system, after spending some time in the Eagle's Nest repair yard at Blerthmore. (R2F601)

    Led Republic Shield forces in an assault against a pirate base in the Elornia system. Engaged pirate and Imperial forces, which led to the destruction of the platform BASE - 613 and the Frigate Starstalker. (R2F604)

    Reinforced the Strike Frigate Idiot's Array in an assault on a suspected Imperial base near the purple gas planet Morba, which in reality turned out to be an Imperial ambush. Engaged Imperial forces. (R2F606)

    Battled with the Imperial ambushing forces near the purple gas planet Morba, covering the withdrawal of the battered Strike Frigate Idiot’s Array. Joined with reinforcements in the form of Star Destroyer Liberator in attacking the enemy capital ships, aiding in the destruction of the Frigates Sulphur and Maverick, and harassing the Star Destroyer Siege. The vessel’s shields were heavily battered in the battle. (R2F607)

    Pressed the attack on the Star Destroyer Siege. The Star Destroyer Liberator withdrew from the battle, donating its forces to aid in the Siege’s destruction. The situation worsened when more Imperial reinforcements arrived. The Dreadnaught Escar and the Strike Cruiser Taroon added their fighters to the mix. The Prometheus and its forces won the battle, and destroyed the Star Destroyer Siege. (R2F608)

    Despite the previous victory near the purple gas planet Morba, the vessel was critically damaged, with shield systems barely operating, most weapons offline, and two of the three primary engines damaged beyond repair. Limped to the Dia Pas Shipyards, who were unable to properly tend to the damages. Technicians at the Dia Pas Shipyards claimed that the vessel required a complete overhaul. Was going to head to Republic Shield Command at the Aecreas system when a distress signal from a freighter convoy in the neutral Vivianas system under Imperial attack was received. Despite the heavy damage to the vessel, led a Republic Shield task force to the Vivianas system to help prevent a massacre. Arrived in the Vivianas system and led the counterattack against Imperial forces attacking civilian craft, but was unable to prevent the entire convoy from being destroyed. Local Vivianas defence forces joined with Republic Shield forces in striking back, destroying the Dreadnaught Vibraxo, the Carrack Cruiser Tantis, the modified corvette Evian, and the accompanying Imperial starfighter forces. (R2F701)

    Remained behind in the Vivianas system for repairs offered by the governor of Haven's Landing, who was thankful for the Prometheus’s defence of the system from Imperial attack, while the rest of the task force continued on to the Aecreas system. Eventually arrived in the Aecreas system to meet with the other Republic Shield bases present at the base. Moved with the Star Destroyer Liberator’s task force to the Tricea system, escorting the forces who were to then head on to the planet New Trassk. After the Liberator’s forces had left, the Prometheus was preparing for the return journey to the Aecreas system when an Imperial strike force arrived in the Tricea system, targeting the Prometheus. Despite the sustained battle damage from previous engagements, the vessel’s forces managed to drive off the two Victory Star Destroyers Black Hawk and Red Hawk, after destroying the Carrack Cruiser Blue Feather and the modified corvettes Golden Eagle and Gold Falcon. (R2F702)

    After thwarting the Imperial assault, the vessel returned to the Aecreas system for some more repairs, before moving on to the L'Ronac system, in preparation for an assault on an Imperial supply in the neighbouring Harnah system. Launched attack on Imperial cargo freighters in the Harnah system, but the unexpected presence of the Victory Star Destroyers Black Hawk and Red Hawk complicated matters, making it more difficult for Republic Shield forces to destroy the convoy, but Imperial forces were unable to prevent the convoy’s destruction. Drove off Imperial forces, forcing the Victory Star Destroyers to withdraw from the system. (R2F703)

    Moved onto the liberated Zephran system, and negotiated repairs and upgrade of the vessel at the Zephran Grand Fleet Yards. Came under attack by Imperial forces led by the Strike Cruiser Incisor while undergoing repairs. Republic Shield and Zephran forces neutralised the Imperial attack, disabling then capturing the Incisor. (R2F704)

    Weathered a second Imperial attack while being refitted at the Zephran Grand Fleet Yards led by the Frigate Wasp. A supply convoy arrived in-system during the attack to deliver more parts needed to upgrade the vessel. Successfully received supplies from the freighter Cherry Day IV as the battle wore on between Republic Shield forces and the invading Imperial forces. (R2F705)

    Came under attack by Imperial forces led by the Strike Cruiser Harvester while undergoing final upgrades at the Zephran Grand Fleet Yards. Led Republic Shield forces in defence of the Zephran platforms, destroying the invading Imperial forces, including the freighter group Dugong, which were locked into a collision course with the vessel and carrying enough explosives to potentially reduce the vulnerable Star Destroyer to a ruinous hulk. (R2F707)

    After being fully repaired and upgraded to Mark II status at the Zephran Grand Fleet Yards, finally left the Zephran system. Accidentally discovered Imperial task force led by the Star Destroyer Hurricane, retreating back into Imperial space. Led Republic Shield forces against Imperial forces. Succeeded in driving off the Imperial forces, including the Hurricane. (R2F708)

    Tracked the Imperial Star Destroyer Hurricane to an asteroid field in the Xeleron system. Engaged Imperial forces, finally destroying the Hurricane. YT-1300 freighter Order attempted to flee the combat zone when the Hurricane’s hull became critically damaged. It was revealed to be the fleeing Admiral Darwinier, who was promptly shot down by Republic Shield forces. (R2F709)

    Arrived at the Rendezvous point for Republic Shield forces far in the Outer Rim before heading out into the Desdemona Sector to investigate reports of missing warships. Head of Retribution task force. Came under attack by Imperial forces led by the Modified Frigate Pronota. Led Republic Shield forces in holding Imperial forces at bay until Sentinel task force, led by the Star Destroyer Liberator, arrived to help repulse the incursive forces. (R2F800)

    Led Republic Shield patrol in the Desdemona Sector. Came under attack by Imperial forces led by the Strike Cruisers Lightning Dart and Pandora. Led Republic Shield forces in routing the Imperial forces, leading to the capture of the Strike Cruiser Lightning Dart, destroying most of the supporting forces, and driving off the rest. (R2F801)

    Led Republic Shield forces in an attack against the main Imperial fleet stationed in the Desdemona Sector, led by an Imperial Warlord. Arrived first, with the Interdictor Chains of Justice and the corvette Warder supporting it as a task force on one side of the Imperial fleet, while the Frigate Vespia led a second task force flanking Imperial forces from the other side. The Interdictor Chains of Justice engaged its interdiction field, preventing withdrawal of Imperial forces, forcing them to battle. The odds stacked against the vessel’s forces improved with the defection of Abandon forces led by the Strike Cruiser Nightshade, who spontaneously attacked Imperial forces, forming a three-way surrounding force pushing inward towards the Warlord’s flagship, the Star Destroyer Indomitable. The withdrawal of the Chains of Justice to spare it from destruction seemed to open up the possibility for Imperial victory, or at least enable the escape of the Indomitable, however Abandon and Republic Shield forces were more successful than expected, outmaneouvring and overcoming the Imperial forces, destroying the Indomitable and its supporting ships. (R2F802)

    Led Republic Shield defences at the diplomat transfer between Republic Shield and Abandon forces in the Desdemona Sector. Launched Retribution ambassadorial party on the shuttle Mediator, which headed for the Abandon Strike Cruiser Redeemer. Defended against Imperial attempts to disrupt the negotiations led by the Strike Cruiser Vicious, and helped drive off the attackers, allowing the diplomatic craft to safely arrive onboard the opposite faction’s vessels. (R2F803)

    Pulled out of hyperspace unexpectedly, possibly through use of a form of interdiction mine. Ambushed by Imperial forces led by the Dreadnaught Black Knight, soon after the Frigate Vespia received the ambassador for the Abandon forces. The vessel had left the Vespia and its supporting forces, and was stranded by itself against the Black Knight and its supporting ships. The question of a spy amongst Republic Shield forces was considered, as Imperial comm. traffic hinted at the fact. Led Republic Shield forces in holding back the Imperial attacking forces while simultaneously retreating to where reinforcements would arrive. The Frigate Vespia and its support ships arrived to reinforce the vessel and led Republic Shield forces in driving the remaining Imperial forces back, helping destroy all of the attacking capital ships. (R2F804)

    Led Republic Shield forces in an assault on the Abandon forces’ main fleet led by the Strike Cruiser Nightshade, suspecting that they betrayed the vessel’s location to Imperial forces. The Abandon forces claimed to know nothing of the allegations, but the point became moot when Imperial forces led by the Frigate Salatum descended on the position and launched an attack on Republic Shield and Abandon forces. Led Republic Shield forces against the attacking Imperial forces, with the Frigate Vespia and the Interdictor Chains of Justice supporting the vessel, along with the Abandon forces, led by the Nightshade. The Imperial Escort Carrier Bertha danced around the fleet, periodically launching Imperial forces and then entering hyperspace briefly before returning to deploy more forces, to completely surround the Abandon and Republic Shield forces. The Imperial forces were eventually beaten back and defeated, and the Abandon forces were viewed with less suspicion as they had battled against the invading Imperial forces, when they could have evened the conflict against Republic Shield forces had they wished to. (R2F805)

    Reinforced Republic Shield forces defending the disabled corvette Shinobi, which was carrying classified information, possibly regarding Imperial forces in the Desdemona Sector. Imperial forces led by the Star Destroyer Ravenous had disabled the vessel, and boarding parties aboard transport group Omega had been attempting to dock with the corvette, however Republic Shield forces had been holding them in check until the vessel arrived. When the vessel arrived, Imperial forces engaged a general retreat, led by the Star Destroyer Ravenous, allowing the assault transport Viper to repair the disabled corvette. (R2F806)

    Apparently had suffered some extensive damages caused by an unidentified saboteur which caused the vessel to sit out the current campaign until systems were repaired enough for the vessel to return to combat. (R2F808)

    Led Republic Shield forces in a final assault upon the Imperial outpost in the Desdemona Sector, which Republic Shield forces had stripped of defences in a previous attack. The remaining outpost was completely razed, allowing Republic Shield forces to hunt down the Imperial task force assigned to defend it, but which arrived far too late. The Star Destroyer Mammoth withdrew from the engagement into hyperspace, leaving the Dreadnaughts Thresher and Golem to battle it out with the vessel’s forces. The Imperial forces were vanquished, and the Imperial foothold in the region of space was crushed. (R2F809)

    Led a Republic Shield task force to safely see off General Leitbur aboard the shuttle Bur'kla from the Prometheus to the Greeop system after an unfortunate capture and rescue ordeal. However, Imperial forces led by the Impeccable entered the area and engaged the vessel and defending Republic Shield forces. While Republic Shield and Imperial forces engaged each other the shuttle Bur’kla unexpectedly flew to the Star Destroyer Impeccable and entered its hangar. Imperial and Republic Shield forces continued battling while the Impeccable withdrew from the combat zone immediately after the Bur’kla was safely aboard, stranding Imperial forces in the combat zone. Led Republic Shield forces in the annihilation of the remaining Imperial forces. (R2F901)

    Led Republic Shield task force from the edge of the Havion system en route to Ostia VI when the Imperial Interdictor Snare wrenched the task force out of hyperspace, as part of an ambush by Imperial forces led by the Escort Carrier Swarm. The vessel led Republic Shield forces in a clash against the Imperial attackers, quickly turning the ambush around on the Imperial forces. Republic Shield forces bombarded the Escort Carrier Swarm, the Interdictor Snare and the platforms 2A3 and 2A4, disabling the stations and heavily damaging the Imperial command ships. The modified corvette Marauder and the corvette Survivor moved to perform docking operations with the disabled platforms, while Republic Shield forces crushed the remaining Imperial resistance, destroying the Interdictor Snare and the Escort Carrier Swarm before they could limp from the combat zone. The modified corvette Marauder docked with the platform 2A3 while the corvette Survivor docked with the platform 2A4. Republic Shield forces patrolled the area while both corvettes successfully captured the Imperial stations. Co-ordinated security of the area while the captured outposts could be properly secured. (R2F904)

    Led Republic Shield forces stationed near the newly captured Imperial outpost, situated somewhere along the route between Havion system and Ostia VI. Led Republic Shield ambush facilitated by the Interdictor Chains of Justice against an Imperial task force led by the Star Destroyer Impeccable. Republic Shield forces led by the Dreadnaught Cybrus engaged the Imperial task force and lured it to the Chains of Justice’s location, where Republic Shield forces were lying in wait for the Interdictor to engage its interdiction field and trap the Imperial task force. The Dreadnaught Cybrus and the Strike Cruiser Hammer of Justice, heavily battered from engaging Imperial forces, entered the area with the Imperial task force in fast pursuit. The Chains of Justice activated its interdiction field, forcing the Star Destroyer Impeccable’s task force out of hyperspace a fair distance from the captured stations. Imperial and Republic Shield forces joined in battle, Imperial forces attempting to disable the Chains of Justice’s interdiction field while Republic Shield forces attempted to destroy the Imperial task force. Both sides took damage, with the Dreadnaught Cybrus falling to Imperial fire. After taking fairly severe losses, Republic Shield forces were able to spare the Interdictor Chains of Justice from destruction and gradually destroy the Imperial task force through attrition. The corvettes Quapaw I and Quapaw II fell in defence of the Star Destroyer Impeccable, which proved to be in vain as the Impeccable and its support Frigate Gegenschein took on heavy damage. In the midst of the Imperial defeat, the shuttle Bur’kla launched from the beleaguered Impeccable and attempted to make a run from the combat zone. Republic Shield forces swiftly intercepted and destroyed the shuttle then concentrated their forces against the Impeccable and Gegenschein, destroying them both. The Imperial task force was defeated, with Republic Shield forces sustaining widespread damage. (R2F905)


    The Prometheus

    Behind the Scenes

    The Prometheus

    This ship was originally slated for an appearance in IBG208, however it was retroactively replaced by the Logistics Office with the Star Destroyer Liberator, as the Prometheus was undergoing a major refit and upgrade during those course of events.

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