Retribution Fleet

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Logo fleet R2F.gif
Retribution Fleet
General Information
Founder(s) Dialathos

BGN Max Cal

(at time of dissolution)
Historical Information
Founding 1996
Dissolution 2007
Other Information

Retribution Fleet (R2F) (later Retribution Wing (R2W)) was the home of TIE Fighter, reaching great heights in 2000-02. It was downsized to a wing in the RF in early 2003, where it remained until it was merged into the PBF in 2006. The Retribution name was retired when the PSG decommissioned its wings in 2007. The last remaining squadron from R2F, Hydra, was decommissioned in 2008; remaining traces of R2F are found throughout the PSG, from its pilots to its continuing support of TIE Fighter.

Max Cal was the final CO of R2W. He was CO at least from February-July 2006.



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