R2F Tour 5

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R2F Tour 5
Tour Logistics
Release date Unknown
End date 30 April 2001
# of Missions 6
  • Jarril
  • Dev
Platform TIE Fighter
Fictional Information
Timeline 42:1:4 - 42:3:4 (72 days)
Factions Involved
  • Rebel Squadrons
  • Galactic Empire
Task Forces Engaged

Rebel Squadrons:


  • Anti-imperial faction


  • Pyria System Imperial Defense (Galactic Empire)
Location Pyria System
Outcome Rebel Squadrons victory

Tour Storyline

Retribution Fleet, part of Republic Shield Forces, are assigned to depose the imperial control over Pyria System. Though the initial assaults are succesful, the strong imperial presence in the area force Retribution Fleet to escape looking for a better chance to strike back.

Pursued by the imperial fleet, the Republic Shield Forces manage to escape until they are resupplied by an anti-imperial faction, getting them ready for a final battle to decide the control of the system.

Retribution Fleet suffers several casualties, including two Frigates, but finally manages to complete their mission by destroying the imperial fleet in Pyria system, that gets under the rule of the local authorities under the protection of the New Republic.


A listing of all the missions along with a short descriptor for each.

R2F 501
Date: 42:1:4
Location: Pyria System - Greeop Sector
Retribution Fleet attacks an outpost when they get ambushed by the VSD Thrasher. After destroying the outpost, the command ship of the operation M/FRG Angelfire, withdraws from battle and Retribution Fleet starts looking for information about the Star Destroyer.
R2F 502
Date: 42:1:5
Location: Pyria System - Greeop Sector
An attack led by the ISD Liberator destroys an imperial base deposing the local government while facing the VSDs Thrasher and Addler, which try to leave the battlefield when they see their base destroyed, but they get destroyed as well before they can make it.
R2F 503
Date: 42:1:8
Location: Pyria System - Greeop Sector
The starships ISD Liberator, M/FRG Angelfire, FRG Gunship and FRG Striker are very damaged and need to hyperspace out of their current position as soon as possible. The escorting pilots face wave after wave of attacks from the ISD Gigantes and VSD Alastor
R2F 504
Date: 42:2:7
Location: Pyria System - Greeop Sector
Once again the escaping starships get ambushed, as the ISD Claw interrupts their hyperspace travel. The Star Destroyers Gigantes and Alastor join the ambush against a fleet that is getting exhausted after so much time trying to escape and repair their starships.
R2F 505
Date: 42:3:4
Location: Pyria System - Greeop Sector
Fighting for their survival, Retribution Fleet manages to contact an anti-imperial faction that agrees in helping them. The Escort Carrier Fish is sent to resupply the fleet while the Empire tries to stop the operation.
R2F 506
Date: 42:3:4
Location: Pyria System - Greeop Sector
Leaded by the ISD Liberator, M/FRG Angelfire, FRG Gunship and FRG Striker prepares for a final assault against the Empire forces. ISD Gigantes and VSD Alastor enter in the battle, ready to destroy the damaged Retribution Fleet. With heroic sacrifices and terrible loses, Retribution Fleet wins the battle and complete their mission in Pyria Sector, deposing the imperial government and getting the system under New Republic's protection.

Order of Battle

Rebel Squadrons

Retribution Fleet

In order of appearance:

  • EF76-B2 Nebulon-class escort frigate Angelfire
  • Flagship: Imperial-class Star Destroyer Liberator
  • EF76-B Nebulon-class escort frigate Gunship
  • EF76-B Nebulon-class escort frigate Striker


Anti-imperial faction

  • ESC Escort Carrier Fish


Pyria System Imperial Defense - Galactic Empire

In order of appearance:

  • XQ2 Space Platform Outpost X
  • VSD Victory I-class Star Destroyer Thrasher
  • Asteroid Hangar Home
  • X7 Deep Space Manufacturing Facility Hangar Bay
  • VSD Victory I-class Star Destroyer Addler
  • VSD Victory I-class Star Destroyer Finisher
  • Flagship: KDY Imperial I -class Star Destroyer Gigantes
  • VSD Victory I-class Star Destroyer Alastor