RS World Project

The RS World Project seeks to translate key elements of the RS site into most or all of the world's major languages. We will need people to do each of these languages. If you're interested, put your name in parentheses after a language. It's perfectly fine for multiple people to handle a language.

And if you need some amusement...

The proposed address for "language hubs" will be along the following lines:

and so on. These will each have a brief introduction, and a list of pages that have been translated. The majority of the RS site, including (at this time) all dynamic pages (such as the Roster Database), will remain only in English for coding reasons, but we will translate as many important things as we are able.


If you are interested in helping, please click on one of the pages below in Phase I and follow the instructions there.

Phase I:

Phase II:


  • English: (just as a reference point; likely not necessary to translate into BrEng or AuEng) (Licah)
  • German: (DaLe)
  • French: (Kane)
  • Spanish: (Hyde)
  • Portuguese:
  • Italian:
  • Czech version: (DaLe,Whisper)
  • Polish: (for example, EH has (or had) many Polish-speaking people)
  • Norwegian: (Himm)
  • Swedish:
  • Dutch:
  • Welsh:
  • Catalonian: (for our Crimson Squadron pilots :P)
  • Hebrew:
  • Latin: (Max and Dave, because we're nuts)
  • Japanese:
  • Chinese:
  • Russian:
  • Thai:
  • Hungarian: Adam Mieter
  • ..and any others that are possible