Rahj Tharen

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Rahj Tharen
Biographical information
Homeworld Corellia
Date of birth 5:10:25 (38 years old)
Family Renn Tharen (Uncle), Bria Tharen (Cousin)
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 1.90 metres
Weight 89.45 kilograms
Hair color Brown
Eye colorGreen
Distinguishing features A hardened physique from a lifetime of military training. His hair is beginning to gray at his temples, and he has a scar on the right cheek of his face. Special forces tatoos decorate parts of both arms.
Chronological and political information
Affiliation New Republic, former CorSec
Ranks Admiral
Titles Fleet Commander Emeritus, Minister of External Affairs, Phalcon 11

Admiral Rahj Tharen is an important member of the RS who has held several leadership positions during his time in the club, most notably that of Fleet Commander.

Fictional History

Born in Coronet, Corellia, Rahj Tharen was raised in one of the most prestigious Corellian families during Emperor Palpatine's rise to power. His uncle, Renn Tharen, was a self made millionaire through his successful inter-galactic shipping and cargo business. Growing up, Rahj was groomed to be an executive in the family business. He was given the best education that Corellia had to offer and he gained considerable experience on how to manage such a large logistical enterprise as his uncle's company by spending time as a worker in each aspect of the business in his teenage years. This included experiences ranging from deckhand to ship captain to administrative officer. Most of these experiences were spent alongside his cousin, Bria Tharen, who was also his age and became his closest friend. These early experiences gave Rahj a love for excitement, which later helped determine his career path.

The life of a businessman, however, was not for Rahj. Instead, Rahj was interested in seeing the galaxy and forging his own path without his family's help. As the heir to her father's fortune and business, Bria was also extremely tied to the expectations of her family, but she also left home to forge her own path.

Stemming from a strong sense of patriotism and sense of duty, Rahj earned himself an appointment to the Corellian Security (CorSec) Academy at the age of 18, to become an officer in Corellia's elite planetary security force. As a criminal justice and history student, he accomplished much, and got his first tastes of the commando life that were to dominate his destiny in the years to come. Although he had a love for flying since his early days working for his uncle’s shipping company, his instructors found that his best skills lied on the ground. His boot camp training demonstrated his superior skills with a blaster rifle, and in class he was a true strategist, graduating near the top of his class.

After graduation from the CorSec Academy at age 22, Rahj entered CorSec as a junior lawenforcement officer and began training in CorSec's counter-terrorist unit. After two years of training and another two years of operational missions that included hostage rescues, smuggling raids, battling pirates, recon operations, spice and contraband busts, spaceship boarding and seizure missions, and ground attack operations as a company commander, Rahj had more battle hardened experience than most men saw in a lifetime. These skills left the Imperial Liason’s office to CorSec very interested in him. Trying to recruit his counter-terrorist and paramilitary skills to the Empire, he was offered a job in Imperial Intelligence. Going from what can be considered the Planatary Guard to the military that controlled almost the entire known galaxy, was an offer that an ambitious young man could not refuse. Now 26 years old and his decision made, he left Corellia to begin his training on Coruscant to be a field officer for Imperial Intel. Doing so meant leaving his family and past behind him, but Rahj welcomed the new challenge.

As an Imperial Intelligence field agent and newly commissioned Imperial officer, Sub-Lieutenant Tharen was at first given small assignments to prove his worth, but his commanders quickly noticed that he handled them quite well. As rumors of armed rebellion against the Emperor’s massive military spread across the galaxy and the Rebel Alliance was beginning to unify, Rahj was given more important tasks, and his field of expertise became more valuable to the Empire. This came with a promotion to full Lieutenant, and he was in command of one of Intel's counter-terrorist companies. One of the most important missions that he was assigned was to track the location of Red Hand Squadron, a Rebel Alliance commando unit that had been involved in attacking Imperial slave ships to liberate the captives onboard. Those raids were so successful that they had begun to cost the Emperor himself a considerable amount of income and Imperial Intelligence was ordered to put an end to it. Now 29 years old, Lieutenant Tharen never approved of the Empire’s policies on slavery, but he carried out the orders of his superiors, upholding his notion of the model soldier.

As the insurgency spread, however, the Alliance forced him to put that mission on hold when a highly specialized Rebel commando unit was reported attacking an Imperial Comm Station on Toprawa. The attacking commandos took the station, began to intercept Imperial military data, and dug in to hold the comm center to transmit the stolen data to other rebels. Since they were stealing Imperial secrets and Lieutenant Tharen was a counter-terrorist expert, Rahj and his Intel unit were immediately sent to Toprawa to assist in the recapture of the station and to find out what the Rebels stole, who they were sending the data to, and why.

Taking command of the situation on the ground, Lieutenant Tharen had command of both his Intel unit and a number of stormtrooper platoons from the local garrison. Through his strategies, a number of skirmishes commenced, but the rebel commandos were surrounded and isolated. As a result, Rahj was ready to ask for their surrender. Fate, however, had a different plan. Darth Vader, the man who defeated the Jedi Knights and was second only to the Emperor himself, arrived to the planet in orbit on the Star Destroyer Devestator and immediately ordered all the rebel commandos to be annihilated. Rahj was against this, because it would needlessly cause more casualties among his men, and killing all the rebels would only make them martyrs to their cause, but he knew not to cross the Dark Lord of the Sith. What ensued was a long battle with the total loss of two stormtrooper platoons, but Lieutenant Tharen led the Imperial forces to victory as the rebels defended the station to the last man.

The comm station re-captured and still intact, Rahj began his investigation of the station only to find out that all of the dead rebel bodies belonged to those of Red Hand Squadron, the exact unit he was tasked with destroying. The most shocking revalation however was the discovery of the Red Hand's commander: Bria Tharen! After confirming that this was indeed his fallen cousin, Rahj spiraled into a serious state of confussion and bewilderment. Further investigation showed that his cousin and her unit had died defending the station so Rebel Alliance Techs could relay information on an Imperial battlestation to a small courier ship in orbit named the Tantive IV. Darth Vader's ship left quickly to pursue the Tantive IV, but not before being congratulated by Vader on a job well done and being sworn to secrecy that the entire incident even ever took place. Although this was not entirely uncommon in the line of work he performed, Rahj got the uneasy feeling that the successful execution of his mission was the only reason why he was sworn to secrecy and not just killed to tie up any loose ends.

Shortly thereafter, a newly arrived General confiscated the data tapes of the battlestation plans, but unbeknownst to anyone else, Rahj had already looked them over and learned of the awesome and undeniable power of the Death Star. This further brought Rahj to question the kind of military he was serving and the Empire he was sworn to protect. First he wasn't allowed to ask for the surrender of the Rebel commandos, then his attacks killed one of his best childhood companions and closest family members. On top of that he was against the slavery that had started this mission in the first place, and now he had learned of an Imperial weapon that could destroy entire planets! He hoped to the Force that the Empire never used it on a civilized world. Lieutenant Tharen's sense of duty had always been strong, and he had always been a soldier's soldier, but these recent events and relevations began to make him question that duty. To compound his grief even more, he was promoted to the rank of Captain for his efforts.

Rahj had no idea his cousin had joined the Rebellion, having lost touch with his family since his commission in the Empire. He could not bring himself to contact his family and tell them of her death, and he wondered daily how someone so close to him could join an insurgency like the Rebellion. Why did she? Was she right? Was what she fought for worth dying for? What was he doing in the Empire? These questions plagued him. With his depression taking over, Rahj requested a transfer for administration duties that would hopefully equal a desk job some place so he never had to go through this kind of thing again. A transfer was approved, but he was sent to the Imperial Intelligece training center to be one of the teachers and trainers of the cadet commandos of the special forces teams Intel employed for black ops units like the one he recently commanded. There he used his 11 years of CorSec and Imperial commando experiences to train the cadets, and he enjoyed it very much. For the ensuing years he was able to shut off the rest of the galaxy and only concentrate on his one job teaching soldiers how to be lethal, how to survive, and how to be smart while doing it.

This continued on for three more years, and now at the age of 32, Captain Tharen was promoted to the rank of Major and given the responsibility of being incharge of all the training of the special forces units that Imperial Intelligence employed. Now beyond the role of an instructor, he now ran the school and courses that trained them all while the galactic civil war raged across the galaxy.

One year later, the Battle of Endor took place and the Empire was thrown into complete chaos. Taking advantage of the resulting confussion over the loss of the Emperor and the comfort that the Rebel Alliance now had a very good fighting chance of toppling the Empire, Major Tharen finally was able to gather the courage and make the decision that he knew he had been avoiding since the incident on Toprawa. It was clear to him that he was a solider and his business was war. But he also had to be a man of honor and principle, and principle dictated that he was not fighting on the right side. His sense of duty had blinded him to the truths of the Empire he served, and he vowed to himself to never let this happen again.

As a result, he decided to defect to what was shortly turning into the New Republic. Taking advantage of the chaos resulting from the Emperor and Darth Vader's death, as well as most of the destruction of the main Imperial Fleet, Major Tharen was able to pull some strings and pull rank to steal an Imperial shuttle filled with medical supplies as a gesture of good will towards the New Republic. Knowing the recent battle at Endor still held the main elements of the Rebel fleet, Rahj made his way to Endor. Upon arrival, Rahj announced his intentions of defection. He then was taken to the Mon Calamari Cruiser Independance under considerable escort where he dropped off the medical supplies, turned over the stolen shuttle, and was considerably debriefed to make sure he was not an Imperial spy or meant the New Republic forces any harm. After two weeks in holding, his Rebel Intelligence counterparts released him, and Rahj requested to enlist in the New Republic Army. However, the Army commanders were still very skeptible about having an ex-Imperial Intelligence field officer among their ranks so he was denied enlistment and told to go home.

As a soldier, Rahj understood, and knew he would do the same. If anything, it was even generious for them to release him at all, considering the circumstances. But Rahj was now without a military unit for the first time in 15 years and was not sure what else he could do with his life. Although he dreaded going back to Corellia because he held the truth of his cousin's death, and because he had not been there after seven years of Imperial service, he was reluctant to go home, but had nowhere else to turn. As a show of thanks for the medical supplies, the New Repubilc got him as far as civilian transport, and Rahj returned to Coronet.

The 33 year old Rahj Tharen arrived with the hope that he could spend the next chapter of his life with his family and friends on Corellia, and his family welcomed him back with open arms. He was even given a lucrative job in his Uncle's shipping company. In spite of this, however, he always felt a stranger, and knew deep down that the "normal" life was not for him.

Now 36 years old and after hearing about the New Republic military victories of taking Coruscant, the Bacta Wars, and now the threat of the Imperial fleets led by Warlord Zsinj, Rahj decided to leave Corellia again and retry joining the New Republic. He was not getting any younger, and even though he was successful at helping to run his Uncle's business, it was not the same as soldiering. Needing new recruits, especially experienced ones, the New Republic now had more formal protocals about the service of ex-Imperials in the New Republic, and was more accepting of their help. Finally approved, Rahj was immediatly given orders to report to a battle group in the Outer Rim that was almost operating independantly of the New Republic Military, called the Rebel Squadrons. Stationed in the Greoop System, they were at the time engaged with an Imperial faction in a war for the Minos Cluster and Rahj quickly began his career as a commisioned officer and commando in the Rebel Squadrons Commando Division (RSCD).

With his extensive past experience, Rahj was not your average recruit. He easily went through the required training to be a commando and was quickly promoted to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant in the Commando Division, where he was stationed with Bravo Company. Out in the field, Rahj demonstrated his battlefield experience and leadership, and immediately felt at home once again living the solider's life, and it was perhaps inevitible that higher leadership roles awaited.

2LT Tharen was later quickly promoted to the rank of 1st Lieutenant and actually given command of the training program the RSCD used to train its cadet commandos, called the Recruitment Orientation Center. Having already done this for the Imperials, Rahj was the Commando Division's top choice for the post. What followed was a brilliant and fast paced career where Rahj quickly raised through the ranks by proving himself in combat, his duties, and his leadership. In a little more than a year's time, Rahj had risen through the ranks to the position of Rebel Squadrons Commando Division Commanding Officer and led the unit to new heights, as well as leading them to never losing a single combat engagement while under his command.

After serving at this post so well, Major General Rahj Tharen was promoted to the position of Rebel Squadrons Executive Officer, making him the number two man of the entire battle group, under the command of Fleet Admiral Dave Trebonious-Astoris, Fleet Commander. As the Executive Officer, Rahj assisted the Fleet Commander in running the complex day-to-day operations of the battle group, and successfully waged a full scale war against some of the last Imperial factions surrounding the Greeop Sector in a conflict in the Cadrel Expanse that became known as the Outer Rim War. Rahj became a hero of the New Republic as a commander in this conflict not just as a leader and a strategist that helped achieve ultimate victory, but also as a notorious fighter on the frontlines, even earning the high distinction of the New Republic Medal of Honor in combat.

Almost five years after the Battle of Endor, Fleet Admiral Astoris retired, and Rear Admiral Rahj Tharen was chosen as his successor. As Fleet Commander, Rahj performed the duty of protecting New Republic interests under the charge of the Rebel Squadrons very seriously. As the leader of New Republic forces in the area, Rahj was also forced to deal with not only the military, but also dealing with the politics of civilian administrators on the worlds under his protection. A new challenge, Rahj engaged in politics much the same way as he would fight an enemy in a time of war - direct, and in the best interests of the mission. This led to many political successes for the Rebel Squadrons, but did not make him the most popular leader in the region. As a solider, however, Rahj made no apologizes for it. It was his job to protect the citizens under his care, not to be their friendly grandfather. Nonetheless, Rahj accomplished much in his two year tenure as Fleet Commander, the longest of any FC to date. He streamlined much of the military infrastructure to be more efficient and effective, helped upgrade the Rebel Squadrons communications and logistics, and grew the battle group into the most deadly military arm of the New Republic. A second Outer Rim War was fought, and the Rebel Squadrons expanded its victories and territory into Imperial Remnant space once again under his leadership.

After two years, Admiral Rahj Tharen finally decided to retire from military service. A faithful servant of the New Republic and the Rebel Squadrons, Admiral Tharen continued to serve in an advisory role on the Rebel Squadrons High Command for the next few years. However, with a third Outer Rim War brewing on the horizon, Admiral Tharen's commission has been reactivated, and he finds himself in service of the military and government he has sworn to protect once again.

Rahj Tharen the Character

Rahj Tharen is a soldier's soldier with a strong sense of duty and loyalty that has been forged from a lifetime of special forces training and active military service. He's tough, with a no-nonsense attitude, and expects results. He's a veteran of many battles, highly qualified in almost every type of weapon available, as well as an able (but not great) pilot.

Most of his friendships are those shaped by combat with his fellow brothers in arms. Knowing that other commrades fell on the field of battle, while they survived is a guilty, heavy burden that he carries with him, and few understand. His biggest fear is that killing or ordering the deaths of the enemy or his own soliders will one day no longer evoke any emotion because he has done it so many times. He has a very commanding personality and presence, that often conflicts with others like him. He cares deeply for the New Republic and the Rebel Squadrons and its ideals, as well as those under his command.

As a leader, he's a proven strategist, tactician, and teacher. The only trade he has known throughout his life is how to be a solider and conduct war. He approaches most obstacles in this fashion, sometimes to a fault.

Non-fictional RS History

Rahj joined the RS in June of 1999. During his early years, he was one of the best RS Jedi Knight and Jedi Outcast players in the RS. In his later years, he was also an avid SWG player. He has served (or in some cases is currently serving) in the RSCD, IBG, VSG, RID, and the RS at large in many different positions.

Rahj began his career in the RSCD in Bravo Company of the 2nd Platoon. His first leadership post was as the RSCD's Recruitment Orientation Divison Executive Officer. Shortly thereafter, he was the ROC Commanding Officer for 10 months. His successful work at this post launched him into the position of RSCD Executive Officer, under Rear Admiral Slate Maller. When Slate retired, Rahj was chosen as RSCD CO, a position he served in for about a year. While RSCD CO, the RSCD proudly held the distinction as the undesputed most active Fleet in the Rebel Squadrons. At this time, Rahj also served as a pilot in the IBG in Stinger Squadron, and for about 3 months also served as Titan Wing Commanding Officer, a position he served in while RSCD XO, and later left to devote more time to RSCD CO.

Through his successful work in these positions, as well as his activity as a voting member of High Command, Rahj became the Rebel Squadrons Executive Officer under FC Dave Trebonious-Astoris. Working as a partner with Dave, Rahj learned what it took to successfully run the Rebel Squadrons and learned a lot. He helped orchastrate numerous projects to the benefit of the club, most notably the administration of the Outer Rim War multiplayer gaming competition, that the RS won. After three months of serving as both RSCD CO and RS XO, Rahj retired from RSCD CO to devote all of his focus on helping run the RS, but his time in the RSCD was one of the best gaming experiences he ever had.

After Dave's retirement, Rahj was elected to the position of Fleet Commander, a position he maintained for 2 years, longer than any other officer has been FC. Rahj cares greatly about the RS, and spent incredible amounts of time doing RS work during his tenure as FC, despite what many might say to the contrary. He continues to care deeply about the RS, as it has been in his blood for many years now.

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