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RS Rank List Abbr.
CDT.jpg Cadet CDT
LJG.jpg Lieutenant Junior Grade LJG
2LT.jpg Second Lieutenant 2LT
1LT.jpg First Lieutenant 1LT
CPT.jpg Captain CPT
MAJ.jpg Major MAJ
LCM.jpg Lieutenant Commander LCM
CMDR.jpg Commander CMDR
LCL.jpg Lieutenant Colonel LCL
COL.jpg Colonel COL
BGN.jpg Brigadier General BGN
MGN.jpg Major General MGN
LGN.jpg Lieutenant General LGN
GEN.jpg General GEN
COM.jpg Commodore COM
RA.jpg Rear Admiral RA
VA.jpgVice Admiral VA
ADM.jpg Admiral ADM
FA.jpg Fleet Admiral FA
Test Rank Insignia Small.gif Bar Admiral (Obs) BA
Test Rank Insignia Small.gif Sector Admiral (Obs) SA

The Rebel Squadrons rewards activity by its members in a variety of ways. Rank is granted to reward individuals for continued dedication to the Rebel Squadrons through various activities and contributions. As the individual progresses within the club, they are promoted to higher rank, often with more responsibilities. Ranks and promotions are defined by the Rebel Squadrons Bylaws, Section 4.


Individual activities or contributions are normally awarded by Medals. Promotion of rank is a reward for continuous activity and contribution within the Rebel Squadrons.

Each member should choose one fleet as their primary fleet. All rank promotions are granted to a member only within the Chain of Command (CoC). The level of the rank determines which leaders within a member's CoC have the authority to grant promotions to that member. All promotions are at the discretion of those leaders.[[1]]


There are two levels of rank: Squadron (Level 1) and Club (Level 2). There were two additional levels before the Reorganization: Wing and Fleet. Promotions may be granted as follows.[[2]]

  • Squadron Commanding Officers of a person's CoC may give that person Level 1 promotions, if qualified, up until Colonel. They can't promote a member above their own rank.
  • The Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander may give qualified persons promotions up through Level 2.
  • The High Command has the authority to give any promotions at any level, including Level 2 promotions of the Fleet Commander.

Relation to Offices

Ranks are not directly associated with any specific office or position within the club. For example, after having an illustrious career in the Rebel Squadrons, a Fleet Admiral may settle into being just another one of the members of a squadron, with no command positions of their own. By contrast, Generals may actually be appointed to the office of Fleet Commander. Decisions about these appointments are handled on a case by case basis, where a member's rank is only one of several factors.


Each rank has a graphic represention of a comlink patch (formerly it was a shoulder emblem) and a text abbreviation. The comlink appears as part of a graphical representation of each member's club uniform, found at the IC tab of their Profile.[[3]] See this link for an example uniform: Spokes. The text abbreviation is typically 2 to 4 letters long. It is used by Rebel Squadrons members in front of their callsign or character name to allow easy identification of their rank by others.


Ranks used by the Rebel Squadrons were originally roughly based on those from the game X-Wing with the addition of Admiralship added for leaders. Throughout 1995 and early 1996, there was inconsistent use of ranks. In an attempt to unify and standardize rank, FC Super commissioned ADM Noble to develop and implement a trial system in Justice Fleet based on points for activity. The point system was reasonably successful until serious abuses occured. At that time, FC Super decided to standardize rank based on club levels and CoC discretion, rather than points.

He developed the first version of the current ranking system in mid 1996.[[4]] The system is based on U.S. and European army and naval military traditions (current and past), and on the Star Wars fictional universe. Of note, General ranks are lower than Admiral ranks instead of equal. This is partially due to the apparent relationship between Generals and Admirals in the movie Return of the Jedi. It is more due to the desire to provide more levels of ranks for Rebel Squadrons members to obtain in their club careers.

Over time, the ranking system has been modified and improved. Some ranks are no longer in use. Also, description of ranks and levels have been modified to suit the changing nature of the club. Ranks were further standardized and better utilized when the Rebel Squadrons websitebegan tracking and maintaining them online in 1998.

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