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On the evening of Wednesday July 19th, 1995, Byteman58 convened the first meeting of the reborn Rebel Squadrons. The meeting was held in a private AOL chatroom. It was attended by MATEO 15, DarkKermit, Toejam701 and Super. The attendees of that meeting constitute the rebirth of the Rebel Squadrons, and are therefore its Re-founders. Each of them were assigned new leadership roles as a part of a Command Council.


Byteman58 took the rank of Admiral and led the Command Council. He set the rank of Vice Admiral for the other Re-founders and gave them the following assignments. [[1]][[2]]

Re-founder Rank Squadron Level Office
MATEO 15 Vice Admiral Rogue Squadron Elite Level Interclub Relations
DarkKermit Vice Admiral Red Squadron Intermediate/Elite -
Super Vice Admiral Gold Squadron Intermediate/Beginner Mission Creation
Toejam701 Vice Admiral Green Squadron Training Training New Recruits

Origins of Re-founders

Byteman58 was the last leader of the original Rebel Squadrons and was responsible for making the decision for its disbanding. MATEO 15, DarkKermit and Toejam701 where all members of the original Rebel Squadrons. Super had just left a similar disbanded group that was based on a local BBS. He uploaded some of his custom missions for the game X-Wing on AOL. Byteman58 found those missions and recruited Super for his mission creation skills, just prior to the July 19, 1995 meeting.

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