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The Rebel Squadrons (RS) is an online club based on the Star Wars universe. Rebel Squadrons was originally founded in 1994 on the AOL service. It was disbanded in mid-1995. The current Rebel Squadrons was reborn on July 19, 1995 by the Re-founders. Its activities include playing Star Wars computer games, roleplaying characters in prose or real-time using dice, and building community around these activities. In the Star Wars universe, it is allied with the New Republic and in opposition to the Empire. The club's communications centers include its website, IRC chat (DALnet: #rs_bar_and_grill), email groups (Yahoo! Groups and Google Groups), instant messaging (Xfire and AIM), and more.

For more information, see the official "about" page.

Active military units

(Division) Patriot Starfighter Group (X-Wing, TIE Fighter)

(Division) Vigilance Starfighter Group (XvT, XWA)

(Division) Allegiance Battle Group (D6 Roleplaying)

(Division) Redemption Fleet (misc)

RS-affiliated, but on separate missions

Away from the front lines

High Command

Fleet Commander