Rebel Squadrons Guild

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Rebel Squadrons Guild
General Information
Founder(s) Joshua Hawkins
Leader Joshua Hawkins
Notable members Daryus Zalyn`Cya
Locations Keller's Void (SWTOR Server)
Historical Information
Founding 2011
Other Information
Part of Rebel Squadrons

The Rebel Squadrons Guild is the in-game organization for members of the Rebel Squadrons who are playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. Admiral Joshua Hawkins is currently the Guild Leader.

Guild Leadership

  • Guild Leader: Nikkala
  • Guild Executive Officer: Cyrel
  • Guild Second Officer: Daryus
  • Guild Lieutenant: Jarik

Member Characters

Guild Rules

  1. Members of the guild must sign up with the main Rebel Squadrons website.
  2. You will NOT use an alternate character to PvP against any RS member.
    1. Exception: If you have an alternate member in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood or Emperor's Hammer, known RS enemies, this is okay.
  3. If you have an alternate character who is a Bounty Hunter, you cannot hunt RS members. Currently, there are no player bounties in game, but we're sure this will eventually change.
    1. If you do get an RS bounty, discuss it with the member and work something out.
    2. If the member accepts the challenge, good luck and have fun!
    3. Split the bounty in some equitable way.
  4. You must sign up with a Republic character.
  5. Maturity is expected. We are looking for folks 14 and older, but exceptions can be made.
  6. Must be willing to help out the guild - this earns you crafted items later.

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