Rebel Squadrons Storyline

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This page is a work in progress, and will eventually hold general information about the entire fictional story that the Rebel Squadrons has progressed through, with more detailed information being held in tour and mission pages (or the equivalent for the ABG).

All members of the Rebel Squadrons are encouraged to contribute any information that they have regarding past RS tours, whether it be ABG sim logs, PBF/R2F/RgF/IBG official mission narratives from the COs, etc. so that this page can be pieced together as fully and accurately as possible.

Information provided for use in RS backstory can either be added to this page or added as a separate page which is linked to from here. Formatting is not a concern, for as the project progresses, those with greater wiki ability will unify the formatting to make everything work cohesively.

Fleet Tours


Story/Fictional Information

Timeline Information

Location Information

Starship and Task Force Information

  • Current and past ship rosters - includes Rebel Squadrons, Imperial, ally and non-Imperial enemy craft. Also has a tally of ships lost for each group.