Red Dagger Squadron

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Red Dagger Squadron is one of the current three active squadrons in the Rebel Squadrons.

Red dagger logo.png
Red Dagger Squadron
General Information
Founder(s) (Unknown)
Leader MAJ Gavin Devearoux
Locations Subterrel Sector
Historical Information
Founding (As Dagger) Unknown
Reorganization (As Red Dagger) 17 May 2016
Other Information
Assigned to Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Prometheus II
Part of Subterrel Strike Force


Originally Dagger Squadron until its reformation, Red Dagger Squadron is one of the oldest squadrons in RS, there is much history and success in this squadron, some of the best pilots were and still are active here. Red Dagger continues to take it to the Empire and make them regret ever harming any being. To the HILT!!!

Current Primary Craft

The standard issue Red Dagger fighter is the T-65J-1 X-Wing. Originally based off of the Incom Corporation's T-65 AC4, it was developed in response to the New Republic's lack of supplying updated equipment to Task Force Republic Shield. Not officially endorsed by Incom Corporation, the modifications are styled after a prototype craft flown by Admiral Lucas Benoit-Stark. Among other less obvious upgrades, the T-65J-1 features the following:

  • A modified nose cone, containing an enhanced sensor suite.
  • Reduced cargo space under the fuselage, replaced with a third warhead launcher.
  • Shortened strike foils, equipped with both higher powered laser cannons as well as larger and more powerful engines.

Additional Craft

Along with the standard craft flown by the squadron, they also field several others, either personal craft from squadron members or support ships.

CEC YT-2000 Blinding Star

  • A modified Corellian Engineering Corporation freighter brought to the squadron as Naesa Draw's personal craft, its improved weapons and systems have seen it used in situations that require a mix of carrying capacity and combat ability.

Incom Corp Z-95 Headhunters

  • Four Z-95s that have been brought up to modern standards are kept for 'training exercises' but are also available for other purposes.

Current Roster

Historically, the squadron has been broken up into three flights of four fighters. They have held different names over time but the current designations are Blade, Guard and Hilt. At times in the past, there was a fourth flight of rookie pilots during the transfer of training responsibility from the Academy to squadron command staff. The first and second slots have in most cases been reserved for the squad Commanding Officer and Executive Officer respectively, with the third occasionally listing the Second Officer, who in the past was the XO's backup member but otherwise held little responsibility.

Blade Flight

Guard Flight

Hilt Flight

Support Staff

  • Crew Chief Juvyn Khasi
    • Female cathar. Arrived to the task force along with Naesa Draw, and has served with first Dagger Squadron as a maintainer and now full crew chief for Red Dagger. Along with those duties, she on occasion is called upon to fly as co-pilot or second in command alongside Naesa Draw on other craft as the mission profile requires.

Historical Rosters

Command History

Past and Present Members