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Member Profile
Career Information
Callsign Richo
Full RS Name Sean Richardson
Rank Colonel
Join May 23rd, 2003
Current Status Active
Current Station ISD Redemption
Current Command Positions Vigilance Starfighter Group Acting CO
Other Current Positions Dagger 2, VSG
Personal Information (fictional)
Homeworld Tatooine
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 25
Personal Information (Real Life)

Brigadier General Richo, Dagger 10, serves as the platform coordinator for X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter and X-Wing Alliance. He formerly served as the acting VSG CO.


  • Current rank: Brigadier General, Veteran 4th Class
  • Position: Dagger 10, VSG
  • Medals: A lot of them, sums up to a total of 64.
  • Starfighter: TIE Defender Resurrection


Sean “Richo” Richardson was born on the desert wasteland of Tatooine. He joined the Imperial Forces and graduated for the Imperial Academy ,as a pilot, with flying colours. He was immediately transferred to a top secret training facility where the best and most loyal pilots in the Imperial Navy were being trained to fly the brand new TIE Defenders. At first he thought it a great honour to be flying such a prestigious craft. The training however was intense. So intense that once, a cadet friend of Richo’s was brutally executed for simply failing a training simulation. This opened his eyes to the cruel nature of the Imperial forces and he began to plan his defection.

Richo completed his training with the TIE Defender group, and on the first combat mission they were sent to wipe out a hidden rebel base in an asteroid field. The base was nothing but a pirate’s nest, but in the ensuing dogfight he was “shot down”. Really he called for help over his comm, and then landed his fighter on an asteroid and powered down. Once his squadron had hypered out of the area, he set course for the nearest Rebel base, Hoth.

The highest ranks of Imperial Intelligence had known about the secret Rebel base on Hoth long before Darth Vader and his goons found it. Richo only knew about it because before setting out on his first mission he had crammed the TIE Defenders computer systems with every byte of Imperial data on tactics, deployments and Rebel actions he could steal.

Richo landed on Hoth mere days before the Imperial invasion. Because the Rebels had no spare fighter craft to give him, and because he had extensive commando training from the Imperials, he joined the ground troops in the valient delaying action, so the transports could escape. This is where he meet his soon to be best friend, Djapana.

Richo continued to serve in the commandos with Djapana, transferring to the Fighter Corps at the same time he did. He even flew under his command in High Flight Squadron. Richo resigned his commission before Djapana and roamed around the galaxy for quite some time. Upon receiving a message from Djapana on Ukio, he travelled there and was marvelled at its’ beauty and decided to settle . He was also present during Grand Admiral Thrawns’ bombardment.

He tried to talk his friend into staying after his fiancée’s death, however it was no use, Djapana rejoined the Republic forces and the two lost contact. Richo stayed on Ukio and helped with the clean up.

One day an message flagged as urgent came through on the comm system. It was Djapana. He was the XO of Draco Squadron, part of the Rebel Squadrons. Draco had been recently hammered in combat and was in urgent need of pilots. Richo then joined the Rebel Squadrons. He graduated from the academy as a Master Cadet, with Honours, and joined Draco Squadron. He served as the unofficial SO for Draco Squad for some time, completing many missions and downing many Imperial and pirate craft. When Djapana was promoted to Squad CO, Richo was promoted as well, to the position of Draco Squadron XO. He also served as the Chiin'tal Wing SO.

Richo's stint in these command positions was cut short however when he was drugged out of action by an Imperial Infiltrator. He was out of action for several months while he recovered from his injuries, but he returned to active duty, keen as always to further the Rebels' cause.

Following several more months of active duty in Draco Squad, he recieved a message from the Government of Ukio. They had purchased two squadrons of starfighters, one TIE Interceptor and the other Y-wings, and had formed the Ukio Aerospace Defence Force. They asked Major Sean Richardson to return to Ukio to head this defence force. He took his leave, and the TIE Defender he had defected with and returned to Ukio to begin training the fledgling UADF.

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