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The Rebel Squadrons' role playing division is the Allegiance Battle Group. They use a modified version of the D6 Role Playing System.


The D6 Star Wars Role Playing game was created by West End Games. The company acquired the right to produce a Star Wars RPG in 1987. WEG established much of the Star Wars lore that later became the expanded universe (EU) and produced guidebooks and sourcebooks for many of the initial EU novels. In 1998, despite a successful product, they went into bankruptcy as a result of poor financial management. The company lost its rights to Star Wars.

Still, the D6 system was very popular. For one, it only used six sided dice (it's namesake), dice common to most all board games ever created, and not as obscure as some of the dice used in other Role Playing games. Second, the company wasn't about putting out flashy D&D style guides that stressed visual presentation over content. Instead, they covered each topic they chose as in depth as possible. Each guide and sourcebook they produced was full of a wealth of knowledge on the covered subject, and they put out many books over their run. Third, they supported their player base, constantly updating their game, adding new content, places, characters and items, through the various guides, books, magazines, and newsletters they published.

Today, many Star Wars gamers still love the D6 system and use it. The books are eagerly bought on Ebay and home brewed material is still very prevalent online. Although there is a newer Star Wars RPG produced by Wizards of the Coast, it failed to capture the player base that the original did. Their system was based around the 20 sided die, often being referred to as D20 Roleplaying. This line is currently not being produced anymore as well.


SWRPG Information

  • SWRPG Network: A site with a huge amount of info (D6 and D20) on the Star Wars RPG, including homebrewed stats, reviews of the various books, forums discussing where to find the old books, etc, etc. Some of the homebrewed guides here are amazing
  • SWRPG.net: Another site with a lot of information, also hosts a lot of the major online game campaigns out there
  • Star Wars RPG WebRing: Hop around the sites in this ring and you're bound to find something useful for your campaigns
  • SWRPG Mailing List: An awesome list I belonged to a long time ago. These folks can help you nitpick every detail of your newest homebrewed things, campaigns ideas, or anything SWRPG related. Their resource pool also has some great stuff from their years and years of throwing around ideas
  • SWRPG Association: Another site with a lot of information, they also do a lot over IRC
  • The Jedi Handbook: A great example of a homebrewed source book. Full of all kinds of interesting things to fuel your campaign
  • Character Sheets: To write your character's information down

Buying the Guides

  • Ebay: Unfortunately, you're only going to find the old WEG guides here
  • Do or Dice: This online store sells Role Playing Games, miniatures, dice, and everything RP related.

Star Wars Books by WEG