Salaban Voltin

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Salaban Voltin
Biographical information
Homeworld Coruscant
Date of birth 15:5:30(29 years old)
Date of death ??
Family Adhemar Voltin (Brother)
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 5'11"
Weight 193 lbs.
Hair color White
Eye colorGrey
Chronological and political information
Era(s) Galactic Civil War, New Republic
Affiliation Smuggler's Alliance, Rebel Alliance, New Republic
Associations Vanguard Division, Zealot Special Operations Unit
Ranks Sargeant
Titles Baron (rarely used)

Salaban Voltin is a human male from the Palace District of Coruscant. After various childhood difficulties, he became a smuggler and was based out of Mos Eisley. He later joined the Rebel Alliance as part of an infantry unit, and served until the Battle of Hoth. He then returned to the life of a smuggler until the remnants of the Empire became too great a threat to his business dealings. This led him to join the New Republic as part of the Zealot Special Operations Unit.


Salaban Voltin was born on Coruscant during the year 20 BBY to Baron and Baroness Voltin. When he was 11 years of age (9 BBY), his parents were involved in a high-altitude speeder accident, and died shortly thereafter. He and his older brother, Adhemar, were placed in an Imperial sponsored orphanage while the Empire took control of the family assets.

At the age of 14, he escaped from the orphanage with his brother. They found the warehouse where their family assets were being held via a simple holonet search, and broke in to find what was left of their parents' possessions. They found a number of valuable objects in the warehouse, including a ship. Their father had maintained a civilianized version of a Corellian Gunship for his use during business. The brothers loaded the ship's cargo spaces with as much of the family's valuables with the intention of flying the ship off-planet. Unfortunately, Adhemar had not received any flight training at this point. Fortunately, there were a few droids on the bridge able to pilot the ship. They ordered the droids to fly the ship to to its most recent off-world destination which, for some unknown reason, was Mos Eisley on the planet Tatooine. Upon arrival, the brothers did their best to sell off the valuables they brought with them, including the ship they arrived in. Once this was accomplished, they split the money and decided to go their own separate ways.

While Adhemar decided to save a majority of his share, Salaban decided to spend it. With it, he bought his first ship. It was an old, beat-up YT-1300 which he dubbed the Aplomado. He taught himself how to fly by trial and error, causing extensive damage to the already shabby spacecraft. Eventually, he came to master it, and find work transporting cargo between planets. At first, he barely made ends meat, and he had to scrimp and scrape to keep the ship operable. Then, by a chance meeting with a man in a Mos Eisley cantina, he was given an offer by the Smuggler's Alliance to smuggle cargo for them. This thrust Salaban into the life of a smuggler. Though considered very young to be a smuggler, the reputation he had developed over the course of his first two years of transporting for moving cargo significantly ahead of schedule proved that he was capable enough.

Sal in his armor (normally worn without the helmet).

Over the next four years he continued to smuggle cargo, specifically weapons to various crime lords and gangsters throughout the galaxy via the Smuggler's Alliance. He most likely would have continued had he not recieved a holomail from his brother, asking him to join the Rebel Alliance. Feeling a sense of family loyalty, Salaban immediately dropped everything, including the job that he was in the middle of, and joined the Rebel Alliance. He joined the Rebel Army and was assigned to a special operations group known as the Vanguard Division. He would serve with this group through the Battle of Restuss, earning commendations for valor above and beyond the call of duty. He also contributed his smuggling experiance to the group, moving vital cargo past Imperial blockades. He continued to serve in those two capacities until the Battle of Hoth, which he was on the front lines for. After witnessing the Imperials crush the Rebel base, he could not find the will to continue fighting. So, once he helped evacuate Echo Base, moving personnel to the fleet's rendezvous point, he took his leave and slipped back into the life of a smuggler.

He would smuggle for the various crime organizations for many years to come, long with some smuggling for the Rebel Alliance at his brother's request. He continued to smuggle weapons through the Battle of Endor, up until 9 ABY, when the increased appearance of Imperial patrols started encroaching upon trade routes. He then brought his ship to the ISD Redemption after obtaining the coordinates from his brother. After a short time, he was assigned to the Zealot Special Operations Unit.


During his time as both a smuggler, and a soldier for the Rebellion (and eventually the New Republic), Salaban has developed a few...quirks.

  • His accent is similar to what would be expected of a smuggler, although it has a slight Coruscanti twinge to it.
  • He doesn't feel secure unless he is heavily armed. He carries at least one blaster pistol on his person at all possible times, if not several.
  • He doesn't use his hereditary title of Baron unless he absolutely has to.
  • He has a strong sense of loyalty, which directly resulted in his enlistment into the Rebellion. This loyalty is also extended to select members of the respective units he has served in, who he feels have earned it in some way.
  • He loathes canines due to an unfortunate incident during his initial stay in Mos Eisley.


  • Expert Pistoleer
  • Basic Sniper
  • Piloting Certifications:
    • YT-1300
    • Various other civilian ships



  • DE-10 Pistol [1]
    • Holstered on his right hip
  • Two Caelli-Merced "Dead Bolt" Pistols [2]
    • Holstered backwards on his belt
  • Two DL-44 Pistols
    • Holstered on a shoulder harness
    • Only worn when expecting heavy combat
  • Caelli-Merced "Reaper" Sniper Rifle [3]
    • Slung over his right shoulder
    • Can be disassembled and stored in his back pack
  • Caelli-Merced "Frag Storm" Heavy Shotgun [4]
    • Slung over his right shoulder
    • Only brought when expecting heavy combat, and when sniper rifle is stowed
  • Modified EE-3 [5]
    • Stock has been removed
    • Kept in a holster attached to his back pack
    • Only brought when expecting heavy combat

Other Equipment (stored in back pack)

  • Commlink
  • Extra Ammunition
  • Field Rations
  • Canteen (for water)
  • Flask (for alcohol)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Utility Knife


Behind the Scenes

Salaban was originally created as Adhemar's second character in Star Wars Galaxies. In-game, the character known as Sal'aban is a level 90 Smuggler and a Master Freelance Pilot.